Canada’s sympathy for Khadr is a disgrace

Canadians are being treated to the latest episode in the long-running Omar Khadr sob story.

Now, he’s getting $10.5 million and a grovelling apology from the Canadian government.

The outraged widow of the U.S. medic killed by Khadr is dissed in Canadian media with story titles such as, “Widow goes after money Canada will give ex-Gitmo prisoner” (doubtless a greedy money grubber), and comments such as Khadr is only “alleged to have killed” his victim as a “child soldier” when he confessed to the killing.

  • Oracle9

    Khadr is only a child soldier under our liberal rules – the same set which prohibits our forces to carry live rounds in a rifle, and mandates that our soldiers be perpetual sitting ducks – the enemy always get the first shot.

    Under Islamic rules Khadr was NOT a child. Since our government bends to Islamic law in all other circumstances, why not this time?

    • Flyboy

      Actually, under the Geneva Conventions applicable at the time of his capture Khadr was not a “child” soldier as he had reached his 15th birthday. He wasn’t even a soldier by these same conventions as he was an irregular enemy combatant. As such the Americans would have been justified in trying him by military tribunal and, when found guilty as he most certainly was, executing him. God speed to the families that our Canadian hero destroyed.

      • Too bad they didn’t let him bleed out.

        • DJ

          The fact they didn’t doesn’t support the “torture” narrative, nor that they flew in a US ophthalmologist to operate and repair his eye.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Future Liberal Cabinet Minister……Minister of Islamization.

  • What sympathy? I don’t feel any sympathy for this piece of sh–.

    Leftists will do the opposite of conservatives because they are childish. If a conservative tried reverse psychology and said Khadr was a victim, leftists would hate Khadr in droves.

    • Bla Bla

      Childish is indeed a good way to describe them. I still believe they are mentally deficient and need to be put in a ‘safe place’ to protect them and us from themselves.

      • Mentally deficient is actually more accurate.

        It’s a limitation they put on themselves.

        • canminuteman

          If his IQ is the average for Pakistan it’s 85. A white Canadian with an IQ of 85 would most likely be considered “intellectually disabled” and be riding the short bus to his special ed school.

  • mauser 98


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  • mauser 98
  • DJ

    The lack of understanding of facts in this case by cucked Canadians is stultifying. I idly hover my cursor over these types when I see them on Twitter and they’re almost cliche. He was NOT tortured, he was not a child soldier; worse yet is how they somehow divest the killing of an ally from our own role in Afghanistan, as if killing an American medic isn’t akin to killing a Canadian medic. These libtards are literally siding with the enemy on this one. For all we know some of this POS Omar’s IED’s DID kill or maim Canadians. Oh, and when I was 15 I knew damn well not to take up arms against my own country…but then liberals love to infantilize those in their pet causes.

  • Reader

    This is not sympathy from Canada.

    This is Liberal government support for Omar Khadr at the public’s expense.

    I wonder how many more “child soldiers” this will encourage to go to Afghanistan?

  • Dana Garcia

    Liberal values regarding virtue seem based on self-hatred and admiring the enemy. Upside down, as usual.

    • Bla Bla

      It’s the only thing they excel at as they are blazingly clueless with anything else that might resemble a useful skill or ability. They are the reason why this nation is quickly dissolving into nothing.

  • Bla Bla

    Our media is nothing more than a disgusting puss, filth, and disease ridden echo chamber of perpetually offended low IQ snowflakes controlled by the socialist criminal cabal of canada. There does not seem to be anyone in canada’s msm that has the ability to think on their own and question (always) what they see in government. Come to think of it, do they all have syphilis, because they are starting to exhibit the late stage symptoms of it.

    How dare they side with a murderous islamic pig over the widow of Sgt Speer. They are truly below the level of bottom feeding parasites and their excrement.

  • Exile1981

    I give it 6 months till he has a book deal and3 months till his money is off shore.

  • canminuteman

    The Cons need to remember this at the next election. I have about a dozen guys in my crew at work, and we never talk politics. Everyone was bitching about this story. This will hopefully leave a mark.

    • Clausewitz

      I don’t know anyone who is not repulsed by Trudeau’s big “Fuck You” to Canadians everywhere.