But WHY the surprise that 431 people were involuntarily euthanized in the Netherlands in 2015?

From Alex Schadenberg at Life News:

The data from the 2015 study concerning ending-of-life decisions in the Netherlands was recently published. In 2015 there were 7254 assisted deaths (6672 euthanasia deaths, 150 assisted suicide deaths, 431 termination of life without request) and 18,213 deaths whereby the medical decisions that were intended to bring about the death.

The 431 terminations of life without explicit request, was up from 310 in 2010.

Let me make this clear. In almost every country, terminations of life without explicit request are considered homicide. Recently an Ontario nurse was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing 8 nursing home residents in Southern Ontario.

Euthanasia deaths continue to increase. More.

Reality check: The concept of homicide will wither once the state becomes involved in the routine dispatch of adults. And “consent” is a complex issue where frail persons are concerned so expect a lot of “involuntarism” where we suspect something happened but it just isn’t clear. And patient privacy laws will prevent any follow-up, then punish any attempt.

Most of the people the progressive state doesn’t need or else needs to be dead don’t want to die. The situation will increasingly call for extraordinary measures.

The state will tend to focus interest on boutique populations that interest the elite for a variety of reasons, the same way wealthy people favour breed dogs when the local rescue kennel is full of naturally healthier mutts who will be euthanized. Because they are not needed.

And today, we learn, people are just animals too.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    In 2015 the states of the United States executed 28 convicted murderers. Europeans routinely condemn the our death penalty laws while during the same time they murdered 431 people because it was cost effective and convenient for the Netherlands.
    Yet America are the monsters?
    “Never again” should be changed to “as long as it isn’t us”.

    • Alain

      Excellent point I hadn’t thought of that.

  • Alain

    So the population replacement is not going fast enough, and they wanted to speed things up it seems. Canada meet your future unless you change course.

    • Clausewitz

      Euthanasia is Wynne’s healthcare reform in order to save money by Logan’s Running everyone over 65 in Ontario.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I am intrigued by the difference between euthanasia and assisted suicide. What is the point in making that distinction?

    • Exile1981

      In euthanasia the doctor is the one to administer the drugs that kill the person. In assisted suicide the doctors set up a machine that will administer the drug with the push of a button and the person hooked up to the machine is the one to push the button. So technically the doctor isn’t the one to make the decision in the second case but is in the 1st case.

      It’s a very fine moral line but some people make it. I have heard of several cases of assisted suicide where the fmily of the deceased said there was no way they would have pushed the button on their own or where the person was not competent to decide to push the button.

  • This was brought in for “autonomy’s” sake.

    Where is that autonomy?

    • Watchman

      That ‘autonomy’ is metered out by the state, as long as you comply. /sarc

  • Hitler did it (euthanasia) as soon as he came to power. First, he had thousands of (German) children killed off, because they were physically unfit. Then he turned to (German) adults with mental problems, and had them gassed to death. Indeed, that programme was the first experiment in gassing people, which was later used on Jews.
    Modern Europe claims to be morally superior, but moral relativism allows many evil acts to be performed with a clear conscience.

    • dukestreet

      Yes, because they couldn’t get that clear conscience from God. So, they reject him and create their own god, allowing them to do whatever works for them. That they don’t have to take anyone else in to consideration,is a big bonus for them.