“Anti-Fascists” are really Fascists themselves: Hamburg protests

  • Leonard Jones

    There were a few items I learned in my 60+ years. Of all of the collectivist forms of government; communism, socialism, fascism, totalitarian, authoritarian, etc, the only difference in their definitions is the degree to which private property ownership is

    I began to question the left-right scale paradigm while I was still a member of the youth auxiliary of the Progressive Labor Party back when I was 16. I thought it strange that a communist party held up a scale that had two similar ideologies (Soviet socialism and the socialist Nazi party) at either end of the scale as diametrically opposed evils. They said they were just left of center and the Soviet system was made up of “revisionists,” and the Nazi’s were simply fascists. All collectivist regimes subordinate the rights of the individual to some (Often undefined) greater social good.

    All collectivists regimes concentrate all power into the hands of an elite few. Marx knew EXACTLY what kind of political system he was advocating. Can anyone describe the police states of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union as anything other than a virulent and genocidal form of Fascism? Even good kings can become monsters if they wake up on the wrong side of their bed. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is like the difference between Claudius and Caligula!

    The left is still trying to push the fallacy that communism is basically a good form of government, but right people have not tried it yet. I think that argument is a tad old considering the vast history of genocide, mass murder, torture and oppression
    by every communist dictator in world history! But even back in the early seventies when I courted communism, I could not get a single one of my “Mentors” to even define fascism. It is even worse with their brain-dead demon seed who are now attempting to play revolutionaries!

    • canminuteman

      People always end up dying in droves on the way to the communist nirvana because the vast majority of people oppose having their stuff redistributed and have to die for it to happen.

      • Leonard Jones

        You said it better than I did in once sentence!

    • Clausewitz

      When I was teaching the political history course at our high school I had the students draw out the usual Commies on the left, Fascists on the right paradigm. The next step however is to take that strip of paper and form it into a circle with the extreme ends of the paper meeting in back since communism and fascism are essentially the same in their tactics and manner of governing.

      The next step is that you cut out a piece of paper that bi sects the circle you have created that extends from the centre to the extreme end of the circle. This paper is then written on with “Liberty” at the centrist portion, and “Oppression” at the commie fascist end. This all helps to explain why the extreme ends of the political spectrum are so similar. I should copy write this some day after searching the interwebs to see if anyone else had this same concept.

      • Leonard Jones

        The circle idea might work, but it is easier to make the case that the
        opposite of evil has to be good! So much simpler to define all
        collectivists ideolgies on the left, with the true opposite: Classic
        liberal democracies and representitive republics on the right.

        That is where we conservatives have failed throught the 20th
        century. We never represented ourselves as an antidote to
        colelctivists ideologies.

        This is the difference between Syria and Jordan, the Soviet
        Union and the United States, England and Zimbabwei, and
        Canada and Venezuela!

  • simus1

    Red Fascists are like weeds, they have few real needs beyond cooperative leftists who provide legal shelter and bail money.

  • Bla Bla

    Declare them a terrorist organization, neutralize their leaders and jail any that continue to commit acts of violence for at least 15 years. Or – wait until they take full control and establish a system that would make the Khmer Rouge blush.

    • canminuteman

      It’s never going to happen because these are Merkel’s children. She has a communist background and has managed to hide it for the sake of electoral victory, but I bet she is involved in this.

  • canminuteman

    That was frightening. I had no idea it was that bad in Germany. It looks like the period after WW1 when the communists were trying to take over, a period conveniently forgotten by most historians. If it wasn’t for the communists, the nazis likely never would have happened. It looks like Soros financed thugs are trying to start a civil war in Germany, and the only winners will be the muslims. These Antifa people are so f!@ked they will destroy there own people for the benefit of Muslims,

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Germans who have been pushed around by radicals have been known to push back, and Muslims are not immune from this reaction.

  • dapto

    You know what gets me is i’ve been going through all the G20 clips and im yet to see any arrests by the Police is this because they’re cowards or is it because antifa’s leader is heir Merkel-Hitler?

  • DMB