TSA failed to detect 95 percent of prohibited items at Minneapolis airport: Report

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) conducted the test last Thursday by sending agents disguised as ordinary passengers into the airport in order to see if screeners were up to snuff, KMSP reported.

Petty tyrants.

  • Sharkibark

    But yet they found my sealed bottle of water *which I had just bought for $7 at the kiosk right outside the gate* and confiscated it. The airport was very slow at the time and the guy who confiscated it from me actually watched me buy it. He said I could drink it outside the gate but couldn’t take it in. Good job, TSA.

    • Cat-astrophe

      I had a two day meeting trip with an overnight in Calgary, left on a regional airline from a rural airport. I wear my keys on a spring clip on my belt loop, and on the loop is a small Swiss Army keychain knife, it is extremely handy. Little scissors, nail file etc.
      No problem getting on the 12 seater plane with my keys in my carryon. No scanning x-ray, and frankly, did not even think of it till…..leaving Calgary the scanner picked up the little knife on the bottom of my bag, keys and all. I had to pull it out, take the little knife off. I could go back out and mail it home, or they had to keep it, and they assured me it would go to a goodwill store…..I said something legal, yet sarcastic, then left to board the 12 seater for the trip home.
      I felt then and still now, feel like I was robbed. Schmucks.

      • tom_billesley

        You can be detained while trying to board a Eurostar train with a credit card sized multitool. Well, they do have a 5 centimetre blade.
        The Times 19th Feb 2007
        WATERLOO A retired brigadier who gained a criminal record for carrying a pocket knife as he tried to board the Eurostar has received an apology — and has got his set back.

        In November The Times reported how Tom Foulkes, 56, a former Army Estates manager and now director-general of the Institution of Civil Engineers, had his fingerprints and DNA taken when British Transport Police discovered a credit card-sized multi-tool in his luggage. He was arrested and charged with possessing an offensive weapon and agreed to accept a caution in order to continue his journey.

        Now he says his faith in justice has been restored after an apology from Ian Johnston, Chief Constable of the British Transport Police, and an assurance that his record would be wiped. Mr Foulkes said that the Times story had helped to highlight the ridiculousness of his arrest.

        • Clink9

          They’re so backwards over there. Cool Trudeau hands terrorist killers 10 million dollars.

          He’s so dreamy.

          • Sharkibark

            I can’t even comment on that lest I go into such a rant that my language and threats of action might even get me banned from this small community.

        • Cat-astrophe

          No doubt when an excuse is found to drag an ordinary, random innocent through the hot oil and feathers, they will. This individual is nothing more than a statistic in the war against western civilization. (The good parts of western civilization.) He is an example to warn the masses.

    • Bernie

      So why on Earth would you by Water before going through the TSA checkpoint when you could have bought the same water after the TSA checkpoint and enjoyed it?

      • Sharkibark

        I don’t travel a lot to be honest. 😛 In fact it was my hubby’s and mine first vacation together *ever* ! (Been together almost 10 years…) So we were noobs I guess.

  • Editor

    As long as the TSA refuses to acknowledge statistical reality and is hamstrung by PC and the fear of being called “raycisss” for using proper profiling, it is, and will remain “Security Theatre”.

  • terrence22

    This is about the THIRD time the TSA has failed such a test. They are a completely incompetent FARCE.

    • Bernie

      Employment center for Muslims in case you haven’t noticed?

  • Hard Little Machine

    When traveling through La Guardia airport in NYC, terrorists would be well advised to separate their weapons from pastries, donuts, corn chips, and other snacks since the TSA staff there are so fucking high that they will eat your stuff right in front of you.

    • Editor

      If this is an anecdote, it’s funny as hell. If you’re speaking from experience, it’s scary as hell. And in this day and age I suspect the latter.

    • terrence22

      I would put laxatives in some pastries if I was to go through that airport

  • JoKeR

    The TSA knows who the real enemies of the USA are!

    • Yo Mama

      The muzzies the TSA employ for ssecurity know old white ladies are the real enemy of the state for voting for Trump!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Minneapolis-Somalia connection remains intact.

  • Clink9

    It’s weird. A few times TSA has given me the “security light” pass. Leave on your shoes, belt, etc.

    But my wife has to go through the normal search so I just go through as well since I have to wait for her.

  • Jay Harper

    Affirmative action at work. Hiring the unemployable to incompetently do the work no
    one wants done.

  • Dana Garcia

    I had a layover a few years back in the Minneapolis airport and Somali diversity was visible. A book shop had a hijabified counter person where some of the magazines were displayed upside down.

  • Blind Druid

    Number of terrorist attacks thwarted by TSA = Zero

    Number of TSA employees fired for theft of passengers’ property = 500 and climbing.

  • But … but … the groping!