The Vape Update

Howdy Folks,

First off I’ve been hella busy this past week and it ain’t over yet, just got in after a long day but can’t say I’m not grateful for the work. Thank the Gang for keeping things going here.

And yes I’m still vaping and haven’t touched a “real smoke” going on 26 months.

Had a little accident this week, I left my vape gear on the roof of my car and drove off. Long story but not so sad as the gear was essentially a “freebie”. The Vape store I use (180 Smoke) has a points system and most of what I lost didn’t cost me anything to begin with.

However I did need a new rig in a hurry and decided to splurge on this beauty, the VGOD Pro 150.

Had my eye on this for a long time. Got the stainless steel one and a nice discount with my points.

I must say I am impressed, Thanks good old American know how.

It’s by far the best gear I have owned and I swear outputs a more controlled even charge when in Watt mode than any rig I have owned. It may be due to chip quality as they do offer such features as “Ramping” which allows you to set the temp changes as if on a bar graph over a period of time – but that’s too complicated for me to care about, I’m just a Watt guy. The black VGOD LCD in the pic above has the “Ramping” feature on display, either that or it’s telling you you’re on fire, I’m no expert.

I swear, with the VGOD the e-juice is more fragrant and the taste is improved and I’m using the same Aspire Cleito tank as before. Currently I’m diggin Big Boy Vape’s Big Explosion juice. All in all I’m very happy to date, it’s pricey compared to a lot of competitors but worth it.

For some “expert” opinion on the VGOD watch this review.