President Trump Rallies the West Against Radical Islam

President Trump calls on the West to take on radical Islam.

  • Observer
  • Alain

    A fantastic speech by a true freedom-loving statesman. How refreshing!

  • Ho Hum

    These are just empty words. If Trump was serious about wiping out radical Islam he wouldn’t be providing material and military support for terrorist groups in Syria.

    In the same speech Trump attacked Russia for its support of Syria and Iran – two countries that are actually taking the fight to ISIS and Al Qaeda. If Trump was serious about taking out ISIS he would unite with Russia and Syria to annihilate the terrorists something that he hinted at during the election.

    On foreign policy Trump has turned out to be a real disappointment. He is under the control of the neocons and war-hawks in the deep state. In the same speech Trump urged Russia “to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere”. It wasn’t Russia that started the civil war in Ukraine it was the U.S.! in fact the U.S. has been behind every destabilized region in the world today from Libya, Iraq, Syria and Egypt not Russia! What is Russia doing to destabilize the World? Russia is not putting missile’s in America’s border!