Malaysia, Indonesia Muslim groups call for Starbucks boycott

Muslim groups in Malaysia and Indonesia have called for a boycott of Starbucks because of the coffee chain’s support for LGBT rights.

  • Observer

    Considering that Starbucks has made it a policy to hire refugees over local citizens, I think karma’s a b1tch and they deserve anything coming to them! 🙂

    • andycanuck

      Yes, as I was going to say, “Sounds fair to me.”

  • Gary

    Wait. There protest is to NOT go in Starbucks which will make it safer for non-muslim.

    Why can’t muslims boycott canada and the USA . We won’t have to build more prisons and Government housing

  • ismiselemeas

    Wait, you mean they don’t know that the CEO and founder is a Jew?

    • marty_p

      Last time the Mo’s called for a Starbucks boycott it was because the founder was a Jew + he supports Israel….
      Starbucks attempt at retailing coffee in Israel was a dismal failure – the homegrown Aroma chain dominates and Starbucks closed all their Israeli stores.

  • dswami

    Well, look am in Malaysia, that’s indeed news to me. Malaysians have greater worries than Starbucks. Corruption on a massive scale by the government. Yes, karma is indeed a Bitch.

    • Watchman

      “Look, look, over there! A squirrel! (Starbucks)”

  • simus1

    Malaysian and Indonesian “protests” against foreign infidel franchise outfits and their
    (often ethnic Chinese) local partners are usually anti government in reality. As to the choice of who should rule ? Two possibilities. Vote for the corrupt fake islamist fanatics or the corrupt real islamist fanatics.