Ignorance or greed? Wynne Liberals won’t give Ontario greenhouses a break

Ontario greenhouses won’t get a break from Wynne’s cap and trade program, since the Liberal government doesn’t recognize that greenhouses absorb carbon dioxide.

  • andycanuck

    Let them eat Khadr!

  • terrence22

    “Ignorance or Greed?” YES – BOTH OF THEM.

  • bob e

    One of the stupidest people on the planet ..

  • DMB

    I don’t know what is worse Wynne’s disdain for private sector businesses or her horrendous level of ignorance of science. Her political defeat should be worse than former Prime Minister Kim Campell’s election of two M.P.’s is the only fitting political punishment and humiliation for her other than prison.

  • Cat-astrophe

    They are collapsing our society bit by bit. Once it implodes, we will all get 10.5 million dollars, so we can start over.

  • Gary

    Don’t be fooled over the GREEN agenda. I started to design Eco Friendly residential appliances and designed a Wheelchair friendly Kitchen or disability friendly so seniors can age in the home to save Long term care costs.

    All the zeal was snuffed out where I met the Government Wall for Rules and ECO studies on top of 3 levels of Government and the teams of employees that push paper through several departments.
    The Government promotes private Inventors to get rich with their Ideas and file for the Design Rights or Intellectual property to get paid each time your Invention is sold. They take your $400.00 for the Application and then comes the Bilingual issue for dealing with Quebec Courts to protect your Item where some words in English don’t translate to the same intent in French.

    As it being dragged out there is the risk that someone seeing what you invented or design can steal it and sell the item off-shore , but 4 months later you are close to a deal to get it made and then sell in N.America within 8 months . Then you walk into a Walmart or Dollar Store and see your invention that had Made In India/China/Mexico on it as a clone.
    Now you have a legal battle for the Copy Rights .

    As for my experience . Ontario has so many rules to fight Global Warming and protect frogs that I saw how building a small factory to hire the disabled or seniors to make the ECO-Friendly appliances would take about 7 years just for ECO-Assessment studies at $50,000.00 each by Liberal approved Firms.

    Wynne’s answer to the co2 crisis and pollution is to make creating jobs in Ontario so expensive and time consuming that you import it from China and India that use slave labour and pollute over there at a rate 5 times what building here would be.
    Liberals thank that the air in Mexico and China stays over those Nations to kill THEM while our air is special and clean as it stays over Canada.

    Only the Liberals would put up walls to fight global warming by the conditions where people can’t produce Eco-friendly products that will employ hundreds of people at a good wage.

    • Cat-astrophe

      So sad, truly.
      Like I said, they are collapsing OUR society bit by bit. It is savage.

    • Bla Bla

      They want an impoverished people to rule over. Easier to force someone to do something they don’t want when they and their children are starving. Same rules worked out well for Soviet Union, North Korea, Venezuela, and every other shithole on the planet.

      • Gary

        Agree. The housing market in Toronto is great for the Politicians where more people go through bank to be strapped with a Mortgage for life as a Debt-Sentence to control people .
        You can’t afford the house but you can’t afford to quit your crappy job that makes you sick and will kill you early in life. So the millions of work-ants or Worker-Bees slave away while the Political masters crack the whip to raise Taxes and to where you are a Government employee by-proxy with 70% of your paycheck as Taxes but you get none of the benefits or Gold-Plated pension at 55 .

        I saw the Ponzie scheme start in the 1960’s where you pay $1.00 in taxes and get $3.00 back in services. Immigrants and Refugees haven’t woken up yet to the ruse that Liberals see them as ignorant peons too stupid to know their vote was bought with “free” stuff .
        Hillary almost won by her majority of morons wanting more Food Stamps and free Health Care as well as an upgrade to their Obama-Phone. But Trump got 306 college Votes even with Hillary’s fraud by illegals voting for her by the millions.
        John Tory wants Wynne to bail him out for his election promises and Wynne wants Justin to bail her out.

        • Bla Bla


          The free shit army will bring us to our knees sooner than later. Perfect example – Venezuela.

  • Clausewitz
    • I saw a South Korean teen-ager wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the F word right in front of her mum.

      I am still stunned to this day.

  • simus1

    Once the businesses are sold at fire sale prices to the “right people” suitable subsidies will be forthcoming.