Fake Ratings: Networks Dishonestly Inflate Evening News Numbers…by Misspelling

Now we know that advertisers and the public are being supplied fake ratings by the same broadcasters who so often deliver fake news.

  • The Butterfly

    This deserves a class action lawsuit on behalf of advertisers.

    Journalist is just another word for liar.

    • terrence22

      I think you just insulted liars, butterfly

    • DMB

      I refer to these types of individuals as pressitutes.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    We are living in a golden age of globalist commercial bullshit that is also rapidly coming to an end.
    For them it’s sometime between May 5, 1910 and July 27, 1914, depending on how you want to calculate the end of the Edwardian era.

  • Gary

    I’ve been in Toronto since the 1950’s . When the CBC reports a survey from Toronto where the “majority” of residence favour or dislike something which is the same Leftist Liberal stance …..I’ve never experienced over 50% of the people I talk to as agreeing with the survey.

    Today’s surveys are even worse because the Phone samples from 500 people could be their smart-phone used for business and not tied to the actual address they live at.
    The main hoax by the CBC is the survey for ” Canadians ” which is really just persons inside Canada . They have now way to prove the Citizenship of person on the phone.
    It’s the same for islamic org’s pushing sharia law and special Hate-Crimes to muslims . CAIR had Dr.Sheema Khan go on the CBC and use her Globe&Mali op-ed to show how racist Canada is by the Survey where 40,000 muslims were “victims’ . It was exposed later on as a fraud because the survey was rigged where CAIR used their eMail list of supporters and ASKED them to respond with any islamophobia accounts even in the 3rd person by hearing of bigotry. Less than 600 people responded and over 50% were foreign students in the GTA schools where CAIR never contacted anyone to confirm their ID or help them report it to the Police.
    Con-Job Khan took the complaints by the small sample and projected it onto the muslim Population and assumed that 90% of the muslims feared reporting attacks because of backlash to be more oppressed or lose their job.

    Thus, less than 300 people that claimed to be legally in canada had alleged a hate-crime or heard of one . So , if just 10% responded while the sample was small and had Notices handed out at just a few GTA mosques …….CAIR came up with the 40,000 victims of bigotry and islamophobia with NO evidence. The CBC reported that survey as factual and never confirmed it was scientific at the same level as the CBC supports Global Warming fraud with the mythical 93% of scientists that confirmed it.

    • DMB

      They know quite well how to skew survey results to their favour.

    • Exile1981

      Our school board a few years back had an online survey to decide about closing a school but they left certain information viewable. I noticed that 90% of the ‘parents’ who completed the survey had used IP addresses from a small town in Manitoba… we are in Alberta. Turns out the lady who was pushing for the school closure had a sister in that town in Manitoba and the survey didn’t stop you from entering data multiple times.

  • Malcolm Y

    Caution: objects in the MSM mirror will be totally unlike what they appear to be.

  • DMB