Donald Trump claims ‘everyone at G20 is talking about John Podesta refusing to hand the DNC server over’

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman has responded to a tweet from Donald Trump, calling the President a “whack job” and telling him to “get a grip”.

In a few days, it will come out that Trump is correct but no one will carry the story. Rinse and repeat.

  • andycanuck

    Everything Trump says they take literally no matter the tone; when jihadis say they’re going to kill us all that’s just a figure of speech meant to show their bona fides to their supporters.

  • Ho Hum

    It’s too bad Trump mixed up his facts because some important issues will just be dismissed.

    Podesta did not have control over the DNC server so that part of the tweet is false. What is not false is the DNC refused the FBI’s multiple requests to have access to the server and in the end the intel community relied on a report from a private company – Crowdstrike – to conclude that “Russia hacked the DNC server”. Crowstrike is far from impartial. It is run by a guy who is a senior fellow at the “Atlantic Council” – an anti-Russian pro-Kiev “think tank” that is funded in part by Ukrainian oligarchs. This is a huge story but it has been ignored by the MSM and Trump’s clumsy tweet will ensure it continues to be ignored.

    As for Podesta did he turn over his personal computing devices to the FBI? That is a separate question.

  • The Butterfly

    “No Skippy no!”

  • The DNC e-mails were leaked by Seth Rich, and he was murdered for it. Trump knows this, Russian intelligence knows this, the DNC knows this, and the FBI/CIA probably know this. And above all Wikileaks knows this. When Sean Hannity attempted to pursue this line of investigative journalism was when there was a coordinated effort by the Dems to get Hannity fired, pressure on advertisers to boycott Fox, etc. if they continued to allow Hannity to pursue the issue. In other words Hannity and Fox were extorted to shut up about it — it’s a murder cover-up, plain and simple.

    But Trump isn’t letting it go — it’s a murder! Not to mention a Dem corruption conspiracy that makes Watergate look child’s play. So Trump’s poking at it until the truth comes out — there’s clearly “method behind his madness”. The Dems aren’t going to get away with murder, and Podesta is not going to get away with blaming “the Russians” for something the Dems are criminally responsible for.

    • Ho Hum

      I agree that Seth Rich was most likely the source of the DNC leaks – Assange almost said as much. I’m not sure that the truth will come out because as we saw with Hannity – anyone in the media who dares to mention Seth Rich is threatened with destruction. If Trump was on the ball he would order his AG to open a special investigation into the murder since police investigations to date have been nothing but cover-ups.

      • This is the best evidence-based chronology of events I’ve seen yet — more than an hour-long interview but worth watching every minute. Even Dr. Corsi and Infowars were afraid to literally identify “Seth Rich” — instead they used the acronym “SVR” The level of intimidation is quite remarkable.

    • Brett_McS

      You are probably right, but technically speaking the most parsimonious explanation is the random mugger one. Conspiracies involve a lot of moving parts, which is why most conspiracy theories are implausible.

      • Exile1981

        He didn’t have anything taken, so the mugger thing is less likely.

      • Conspiracies only require two or more people — you don’t need 100 people consciously involved for a successful conspiracy. You only need two. But you can rely on the other 98 people to “run interference” perhaps for ideological reasons, or simply because you know they’ve already been convinced to accept your false narrative. In other words the other 98 are “passive conspirators”, people who have likely been duped. I see it as quite plausible and it’s been the Dem M.O. in the past — there’s plenty of precedence for it.