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At least 76 police officers injured in clashes ahead of G20 summit

Police said the trouble involved around 1,000 people, but as many as 100,000 are expected to descend on the city to take part in protests during the two-day summit, which starts in earnest today.

Montreal weather: Summers will be hot as the equator by 2100, study suggests

For all the joys of summer in the city, Montrealers also have to contend with the smell of hot garbage and brushing up against sweaty commuters on the bus from June into September.

But if you think things are bad now, try sticking around for another 83 years.

This US City Won’t Let Students Graduate Until the Government Approves Their Plans

Beginning in 2020, Chicago high-school seniors will have to prove that they have a government-approved post-graduation plan in order to earn their diplomas.

Yep. Rather than allow its young people the freedom to approach their futures creatively, Chicago will force its students to choose from one of just five government-approved options: College attendance (note: verbal vows of attendance are not enough, students will need to present actual acceptance letters), a gap-year program, military service, a trade apprenticeship, or a job. According to Reason, the official description of the demand claims that the city is trying to raise $1 million for career-counseling efforts to help students make their decision.


This Silicon Valley company wants to ‘make better humans’ through biohacking

Michael Brandt has all the resume highlights that tech entrepreneurs dream of: Stanford grad, ex-Google employee and an Andreessen Horowitz backing for his startup.

He’s the co-founder of HVMN (allegedly pronounced “human”) — formerly Nootrobox — which sells subscriptions for monthly boxes of cognitive supplements. The company is also behind Go Cubes, “chewable coffee” bites sold at convenience stores to compete with products like 5-hour energy.

“We want to make better humans. We want to take technology and use it to help you as a system,” Brandt, the company’s co-founder and COO, told CNBC at his San Francisco office. “You have inputs. You have outputs like your productivity, your reaction time, your happiness even.”

NYT columnist claims Trump supporters are ‘idiots’ and bigots who should ‘admire’ elites

If you support President Donald Trump, then you’re a bigot and idiot, and you should admire the establishment elite who want to run every aspect of your life. That’s according to “never-Trump” New York Times op-ed writer Bret Stephens. On Wednesday, Breitbart‘s Tony Lee devoted a column to Stephens’s observation made on MSNBC — on Independence Day, yet.

Liberal Taliban Forces Oregon Tiki Bar Owner to Close Down Over ‘Cultural Appropriation’

he American Taliban is alive and well and running wild in Oregon.

The left coast state has been a bastion of anti-Trumpism and liberal lunacy that is only exceeded by its southern neighbor California.

In the latest dispatch of intolerance from the front lines of liberal occupied territory, the owner of a Tiki bar was harassed into having to close down after accusations of cultural appropriation and insensitivity were leveled at him by hostile leftist culture warriors.

The Hapuna Kahuna Tiki Bar & Kitchen in Corvallis was bullied out of business in a matter of two weeks.

Hackers targeting US nuclear facilities: report

Hackers have reportedly been breaking into computer networks of companies operating United States nuclear power stations, energy facilities and manufacturing plants, according to a new report by The New York Times.

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a statement last week confirming that the attacks had been occurring since May.

Leading Climate Scientist Says Debating Scientific Theories Would Be ‘Un-American’

Way, way back in April 2017, scientists around the world participated in the ‘March for Science’ as a show of force and unity against an allegedly anti-science Trump administration. Their motto was “science not silence”: many wrote that mantra on pieces of duct tape and stuck it across their mouths.

March for Science organizers claimed that “the best way to ensure science will influence policy is to encourage people to appreciate and engage with science. That can only happen through education, communication, and ties of mutual respect between scientists and their communities — the paths of communication must go both ways.”

But that was so three months ago.

Evergreen profs asked to make ‘accommodations’ for protesters

While Evergreen State College students were protesting a professor for questioning a diversity event, the school’s provost asked professors to go easy on students who “have diverted time and energy from their academic work.”

Interim Provost Ken Tabbutt left specifics to the discretion of faculty members, but strongly suggested that they consider making “accommodations” for the “physical and emotional commitment” made by students.

Trudeau attends summit marked by widening Trump-Merkel rift

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived today in Hamburg for the G20 Summit, having already staked out firm positions on free trade, migration and climate change that are at odds with U.S. President Donald Trump.

All three issues top an ambitious agenda set by the summit’s host, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“One shouldn’t expect any easy conversations in Hamburg,” Merkel said in address to the German parliament last week.

“Whoever believes that the world’s problems can be solved by isolationism and protectionism is mistaken,” she added in remarks clearly directed at Trump.

Trudeau can’t afford to be so blunt, especially given the interconnectedness of the Canadian and United States economies.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    CNN’s news coverage for the next week.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Polish President on Twitter..

    Media is reporting his wife didn’t shake Trump’s hand by editing it out in clips.

    • kkruger71

      People really want their fake news. I posted comments and a video link on four different Facebook posts friends either made or commented on showing she did. Not one of the comments got a “like” or reply, yet the original posts all continued to get more positive responses.

  • ontario john

    The CBC is reporting this morning, that the Trudeau government has already paid the convicted terrorist Khadr the 10.5 million dollars in secret. According to the CBC the government secretly rushed the payment, so that the familys of the military personnel killed and wounded by Khadr couldn’t legally put a claim on it. Of course feminist Trudeau is in Europe to avoid any questions from his adoring media.

    • PaulW

      If this is true then there can be no doubt about it: this was never about compensation, about seeing the “just” action taken – no, it was clearly about mocking the US, reaffirming trudeau’s contempt for America and its current administration, and demonstrating his continued allegiance and submission to islam. The dirty bastard.

  • tom_billesley

    Oregon Tiki Bar ‘Cultural Appropriation’
    Never a problem with an Irish bar or an English pub.

  • Melania Trump is reportedly trapped inside her hotel in Hamburg due to protesters surrounding the building.

  • kkruger71

    Hmmm, didn’t it used to be the doom and gloom predictions about global warming were for 2050? Getting too close to that now I guess so people that hear it will still be around to notice these things are not happening. Time to jump it so far into the future again that theirs no way to get called out on it not coming true in the alarmists lifetime.

    • tom_billesley

      “Apocalypse Later”.
      End-of-the-world cults are always having to issue revised predictions.

  • Millie_Woods


    Sure, right after we’ve restored the education system..

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would love to be a teacher at Evergreen now. I would cancel all requirements and tests, cancel all papers, cancel all reading. Just come to class put my feet up and let them scream. They already don’t have grades, so I would let them write their own evaluations.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And while it’s likely too late to be practical now, I would quietly tell all the troops to never take prisoners. Just shoot them all.

    • Slickfoot

      It wouldn’t surprise me if that was already policy in some circles.

    • tom_billesley

      Pretty much what the outcome would’ve been if Khadr had been left with the Afghans.

      • Tooth&Claw

        He should have been shot, not saved. War is hell, you’re supposed to send the other guy there.