Ann Coulter: Immigrant of the Week: Henry Bello (Obotetukudo)

Last Friday, Nigerian immigrant Henry Williams Obotetukudo, aka Henry Bello, opened fire with an AM-15 rifle at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, killing one doctor and injuring a half-dozen others. I would prefer to leap right in and offer my ideas for stopping these immigrant shooting rampages, but first I’ll have to tell you the facts the media won’t.

h/t Mom and Marvin

  • Waffle

    I found myself nodding in agreement until I shook my head and screamed at the screen: Annie,girl, you are using assimilation and acculturation interchangeably! Shame on you! I know you know the difference. And when it comes to the followers of that Religion of peace. Come on!! You know that they are a special case and unassimiable even though they have acculturated enough to destroy us from within.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Assimilate or cause to assimilate a different culture, typically the dominant one:
      “those who have acculturated to the US”

      I think Ann is right, they are mostly interchangeable.
      Why do you think they are not?
      The precise difference are pretty danged slight.

      • Waffle

        See my answer to Shebel above.

    • Shebel

      Assimilation vs Acculturation . —
      What is the difference?

      • Waffle

        assimilate (verb): to become part of a group, country, society, etc., or to make someone or something become part of a group, country, society, etc.:

        acculturate (verb) to change so that you become more like people from a different culture, or to make someone change in this way

        Similar but not the same. An immigrant can acculturate without necessarily assimilating, in other words he can learn to use a toilet but that doesn’t mean he’s assimilated.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)
  • Shebel

    I thought it was great . I could actually understand it.
    Which is good -sometimes.

  • ed

    london uk 35 year old Nigerian migrant on trail for killing his 5 year old son ,the boy lost one of his shoes in a park so his father punched and kicked him to death [ mother white mudshark ] trail on going [ ed uk ]

  • Shebel

    It is too late. Time for interesting stuff,

    • Blacksmith

      I am conflicted, that was one fine collection of cars and rat rods. It was also one of the best collections of hood ornaments and seat covers I have seen. I may have to look at it some more to come to a conclusion.

      • Slickfoot

        I liked the next to the last, the one with dirty feet.

        • Blacksmith

          Definitely, works for me.