The UN has a problem: it’s not just gender violence, it’s child rape

If a United Nations official in New York raped an American child, there would be hell to pay. Similarly, if a UN official in Geneva raped a Swiss child, there would be an outcry.

So why is it that when a United Nations official or peacekeeper rapes an African child, the organisation fails to ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted?

  • Watchman

    Is the correct answer, “The UN Peacekeepers are bringing a diversity of culture and morals to Africa, introducing them to practices hitherto only imposed on British, Swedish, German and French native peoples by their immigrants.”?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The secret but culturally dirty answer is that rape isn’t that big of a deal in most of Africa as it is here.
    There, especially in the Muslim controlled areas but pretty much all over sub Sahara Africa, its more akin to a property crime.
    Consider this semi-related (in scope and problem) to their sex-for food refugee program scandal from about 10-years ago.

  • Maggat

    It really depends whether or not the rapist is White or black.

    • Alain

      There is that too.

  • Martin B

    The blue helmet is a badge of shame. Standing around gawking at genocide in Rwanda, mass kiddie-rape in every Third World hellhole…the stench will never go away.

    • UCSPanther

      Blue helmets may as well be bulls eye targets as more and more of this gets out…

  • This has been going on for ages. Why countries haven’t withdrawn from the UN because of this perplexes me.

    • Alain

      Yes, it is astonishing; like refused to leave a criminal syndicate even when it is possible to do so.

      • This country is culpable for the acts committed by these blue helmeted thugs.

  • Exile1981

    The UN does rape kids in western nations, its just better hidden.

  • Gary

    Justin endorsed gender-cide abortions to girl babies because it got him votes from BROWN people in the South -Asian community . As long a BROWN women is killing a BROWN baby …he’s a feminist the supports the Charter right a women to choose what to do with her body.
    Justin’s wife is pro-life because he didn’t want a wife that would kill HIS white , French , Canadian-born , Catholic son or daughter. He earns the money as she stays in the kitchen and also raises his children.
    But when other men do it… their misogynistic control freaks
    that get their power by ruling over women as dependents and chattel .

    The White , French , catholic, Liberals in Quebec were outrage and angry in 1989 by the Jihad slaughter of 14 white, catholic, french female students in Montreal.
    But in 1985 when 260 Canadian were murdered by terrorists that bombs on air planes . There was little interest by the CBC and STAR because the majority among the 329 killed were BROWN while a huge % were children. Liberals embraced immigrants that kept their culture and even imported their hatred from past wars to fight them on our soil.

    When 4 BROWN immigrant women were Honour- killed by their muslim males in the family for NOT wanting to wear the hijab …..the CBC and STAR excused it away as “domestic” violence as to blame all males for Sharia inspired crime.

    This is why I had predicted in 2016 that Justin and Wynne will legalize some forms of Pedophilia to get the muslim votes because they now out number Aboriginals and the Jewish population.
    If Justin is okay with killing BROWN babies……why would it be far fetched to see the next step to be okay with BROWN girls being RAPED.

    Diversity keeps BROWN people out of Justin’s neighbourhood where they can keep living among the ignorant peons that sit and wait for an Election to get more FREE stuff.

    Note how every Plaque across canada as well , was purged of which religion was behind and that BROWN Canadian citizens died .

    Honour killings are up 400% and yet Justin is obsessed with Global Warming .

  • Hard Little Machine

    I feel dirty clicking on a CNN link. What’s their real angle? Blame Trump? Blame the Jews? I bet half their on air talent has raped a child.

  • Shebel

    Ask Romeo Dallaire —
    He has been whining for the last 20 years and writing books about the
    UN and Killing and Rape .
    It is his personal guilt trip.
    Fuck Him and
    The UN

  • Shebel

    Just look at all those poor little kids —
    And then that blue helmeted , black bitch with the CLUB in her hand.
    And the Dark shades—- gotta be COOL when with the U fucking N.

  • Shebel

    I have about as much respect for the UN as I do for Justin Trudeau.

  • Shebel

    Maybe for the same reason when an African Muslim migrant rapes a white child in Europe—-He gets a PASS because he is too fucking ignorant to know any better.

  • Shebel

    Just how DUMB does the UNITED NATIONS— expect everyone to be ?
    It is EASY with Canada—
    We have JUSTIN—- about as brain dead as a leader can get.

  • Shebel

    Trump upsets your whole little wagon cart of World Denomination.
    It is almost like a cartoon.

    • David Murrell

      Shebel, you are off your meds again.

  • roccolore

    Actually, the UN can claim “diplomatic immunity.”