Malaysia, Indonesia Muslim groups call for Starbucks boycott over LGBT stand

Starbucks in Saudi Arabia by Alexander Hunter

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Muslim groups in Malaysia and Indonesia have called for a boycott of Starbucks because of the coffee chain’s support for LGBT rights.

Malaysian group Perkasa, which supports a hard-line form of Islam and nationalism, this week called on its more than 500,000 members to stay away from Starbucks coffee shops. This week and last, leaders of Indonesia’s second largest mainstream Muslim group, Muhammadiyah, with an estimated 29 million members, denounced the chain.

  • Bernie

    I am sick and tired of Muslims telling the World what the World can and can’t do. If Muslims do not like something they should just STFU.

    • Alain

      I would agree when it comes to those living in our countries, but these are their countries, and on this they have a valid point.

    • Tweety58

      Hey Bernie….grow TFU.They are asking other Muslims to boycott NOT the world.

      I bet you can tell the flavour of a lollipop by sitting on it.

  • Alain

    Well, on this I am with the Muslims and it looks good on Starbucks.

  • john davis

    I always enjoy it when differing factions of identity politics are at odds.

  • Tweety58

    I Boycott Starbucks period but this is ANOTHER good reason.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I’ll drink to that

  • Tweety58

    A pox on both their houses

  • Hard Little Machine

    What’s funny to me is that the ONLY place these liberal progressive free trade tools stand up to anyone is here, where we don’t care, won’t kill them and generally don’t give a fuck.

    But YAAAAY you, Starbucks.

    Do all the baristas in Malaysia have MFA’s in lesbian critical dance theory too?

  • Watchman

    Starbucks finds out that ‘Universal Human Rights’ aren’t as universal as they thought. Now the Starbucks quandary: Profit or their SJW Ethical Stance?

    • Alain

      True, but I would not go so far as including having to endorse all sexual behaviour as “Universal Human Rights”.

      • Watchman

        True, but obviously Starbucks thinks it is, thus my use of the quotes around the “Universal Human Rights” phrase.

        • Alain

          Yes, I understood the quotation marks. I just have no patience with all the crap people today claim are “Human Rights”.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Maybe they should just change their name to St’arbuqs.

  • terrence22

    A few years ago, I was travelling around in the GREAT STATE of TEXAS. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me on a particular day when I saw a flat Starbucks sign on a wall beside a door to the pace. Someone used almost the same color and made the “B” look like an “F”. I will never forget that

  • Gary

    Once muslims have the numbers in canada we can expect to see Starbucks get bombed if they don’t comply. The TTC subway will get bombed if they don’t have Muslim-only cars with arrows pointing to mekkah .

    Muhammad’s plan was to create one huge islamic hell-hole on Earth so everyone was equally stupid and poor.

    • Watchman

      Sounds like perfect Intersectional goals with the Marxists and Progressives.