In a rare instance of British sanity, Heathrow airport suspends sister of London Bridge attacker from security position

“London Bridge terrorist Khuram Butt was said to be close to his older sister”

The killer’s older sister Haleema Butt, 28, and her husband Usman Darr were suspended from their security jobs at the airport in the wake of the terror attack last month.

A source told the Mirror the mother-of-two had her employment terminated as a result of the probe, amid questions about staff vetting procedures.

There is no suggestion Haleema or her husband have done anything wrong or knew about Butt’s plans.

She reportedly declined to comment when approached at home in Harrow, North West London, but added: “You should take it up with Heathrow .”

Police officers were said to have launched an investigation into the couple last month with the help of security services and Heathrow chiefs.

(The comments at the Daily Mail indicate that it’s getting hard to keep track of these incidents:

“The attack was on Westminster Bridge, not London Bridge.”

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“Wrong, you’re thinking of the attack in parliament in March, the London Bridge attack was the week after the Manchester attack in June.”)


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If you are getting your terror attacks mixed up, then maybe that’s a sign you are having too many of them.
    Personally I’m shocked that the Daily Mail has even allowed comments on this story.
    A small victory?

  • Watchman

    Expect British activist lawyers and judges to sue to restore her job at Heathrow plus a compensatory payment for unfair discrimination on the basis that she is not responsible for he brother’s actions and attitudes, only her own actions.

    • David Murrell

      Indeed. Britain’s activist lawyers want to aid and abet war criminals, to facilitate the murder of innocent people.

    • Millie_Woods

      Inflicting unnecessary Butt hurt? I imagine most British judges have first hand experience with that.

  • The__Hammer

    Probably will not last. I am sure some court will overturn it and order the government to compensate her financially.

  • simus1

    (Just Shaking Head) (comment freeze)