Germans Pass Law Imposing Fines On Facebook, Twitter Etc. If They Don’t Delete ‘Hate Speech’

I think we forget sometimes as Americans* that the First Amendment doesn’t cover the whole world. The American left may be attacking free speech in this country, but they don’t have much hope of succeeding at the moment, at least, given that we still have a slight conservative majority on the Supreme Court that’s willing to defend the Constitution (most of the time).

The rest of the world is an entirely different story, and that could present a problem for social media companies who understandably wish to operate on a global basis. And the problem is no longer just theoretical. Germany has just made it very real.

*I  think that American blog writers forget sometimes that people in other countries can read, too.

  • Killer Marmot

    Wait until they start defining criticism of hate-speech laws as hate speech.

    And why wouldn’t they? Surely someone who wants hate speech to be legal must be pretty hateful.

    • Starlord

      Haters will hate the haters.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        After the coming hate-war the survivors will envy the dead.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I call that pre-hatred and re-hating.

  • Killer Marmot

    Sometimes I wonder how long this site will be up.

    • shasta

      No hate on this site – just thoughtful discussion.

  • Alain

    The rise of the SS.

  • dapto

    Herr Hitler Merkel wants to introduce a totalitarian super state in the vain of Nazi Germany this is just a small step to enacting her dream. Remember she was a
    Stasi operative in East Germany and they weren’t any better than the gestapo.

  • Dana Garcia

    We know what hate speech is to Facebook — speaking unkindly about Diversity.

  • canminuteman

    I’m pretty sure all the people who hate me won’t be shut down. They pretty selective about what they consider hate.

    I don’t care who hates me and anything they say to insult me is water off a ducks back. Why would I care what brain dead in bred retards who are of no consequence to me say about me?

  • Shebel

    The Germans and the French sure do have ‘hard on’ for preserving the EU.
    I wonder WHY?

  • shasta

    They will have a hard time enforcing it. The record and movie industries have been trying for quite a while and have hardly made a dint.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Is this how they ban the President?