Didsbury Mosque UPDATE: The interview the BBC refused to air

After appearing on BBC’s Question Time to raise concerns about anti-western propaganda distributed by Didsbury Mosque, Paul O’Donoughue, a concerned local resident, gave an interview to the BBC.

However to this date, he claims the BBC have refused to air the interview.

  • Alain

    Like all good propaganda organisations they only air what fits the narrative, just as comments section is closed.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Which is why people who do interviews need to bring their own cameras to make a recording themselves.

    A lot of Youtuber’s are doing that now when they agree to interviews
    including recording the calls when it’s by phone.

    CNN got busted by a leak of audio of panel that was heavily edited


  • Observer

    This is outrageous discrimination!

    They want to close down the Didsbury Mosque because it preaches hate.

    Why the discrimination against the Didsbury Mosque?

    If the problem is that it teaches hate and tries to undermine the very country it is in, why pick on only them, when ALL mosques appear to teach the same hate against all those who are not Muslim and against the very societies they are living in?