Sheikh who angered Muslims by denouncing Sharia law needs full time security

The controversial sheikh who angered hardline Muslims by denouncing Sharia law has asked his supporters for $30,000 to pay for security guards and steel-barred windows at his home because he fears for his life.

Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi, who has previously called for Islamic schools in Australia to be shut down and criticised extreme Islamic group Hizb-ut Tahrir, said abuse he received from radical
Muslims grew so bad he was forced to abandon his home and seek refuge.

‘I’ve been assaulted by Muslim leaders, ambushed and spat on in the streets,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday.

  • Watchman

    He’s a great example of compactness of complaint. Any words or action against him can be attributed to ‘islmophobia’ and racism Any of his words can be complained about and attributed to his islamophobia and racism against the mainstream muslims. Normally the (secular) state is very reticent to intervene in issues of religion, in order to avoid having to provide rulings that may decide what a religion actually is and what its tenets are. A Shari’a run society has no such reticence and is more than happy to decide what islam actually is in their jurisdiction, and punish those who it believes are not implementing the ‘true’ islam.

  • Starlord

    We should crowdfund to get him to Canada or he should apply for refugee status and fast tracked in. Omar big ears, Monsef admirer of Sharia and Iqra Mmm103 would mighty pissed.

    Love to see the tolerance of the islamist faction in Canada…

    • Watchman

      Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi might be moderate, but can you guarantee that his descendants will be too? The holy texts are (currently) immutable, and will always push the faithful towards a intolerant version of islam. The penalty for changing one word is death, so there isn’t likely to be a rewrite of the Qur’an in any foreseeable future.

      • Starlord

        Very true, but I think the tolerance of the islamists is low and he wouldn’t have time to procreate.

  • Krista Kay

    Perhaps he is strategic. He knows if he is harmed, the government will appear responsible, so with public pressure, he can assure tax-payers will pay for his security as he continues his with his goal of Shi’i positioning.

    Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi is an Australian Shi’i Muslim.

    “I (Imam Shaikh M. Tawhidi) believe they really love wearing it (the burka, the black body bag). ”

    Imam Shaikh M. Tawhidi -” I don’t believe that some Muslim women in Australia are being forced to wear the Burqa. I truly believe they love wearing it, and will fight for it. In Saudi Arabia however, the majority of citizens are forced to wear it. In Australia, I don’t think it’s oppression. I believe they really love wearing it. No female in my lessons or our association wears it.”

  • Chris Marcellus