Saudi Arabia has ‘clear link’ to UK extremism, report says

Saudi Arabia is the chief foreign promoter of Islamist extremism in the UK, a new report has claimed.

The Henry Jackson Society said there was a “clear and growing link” between Islamist organisations in receipt of overseas funds, hate preachers and Jihadist groups promoting violence.

The foreign affairs think tank called for a public inquiry into the role of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations.

The Saudi embassy in London says the claims are “categorically false”.

  • M1 – Shutting down mosques involved in any jihad attack.
    M2 – Arrest mullahs involved.
    M3 – Follow, and confiscate, all jihad money back to its source.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Blocking incoming dawa money, including academic endowments with strings attached, should go a long way toward rectifying this situation.

  • Observer

    Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Pakistan all fund terrorism outside or their borders. I wonder what they all have in common?