Khadr decision shows Liberals soft on terror

For years, I argued in favour of Omar Khadr’s right to return to Canada.

Not because I believed he was innocent of the war crimes that kept him locked up at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for a decade.

Unlike the “Free Omar” cult, I didn’t worry he had been a child soldier forced into a war he could not understand, because that seemed unlikely to be true.

  • Observer
  • ontario john

    He will probably get the Order of Canada, and join other muslim buddies who got the award like Haroooooon of the Star.

  • Brett_McS
  • Exile1981

    Turdeau makes me sick.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Your leaders still realize they’re elected, yes? I mean, they’re not just trolling you.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is why Obama should have tried people. You can’t hold people for a decade w/o trial. Sorry. That’s on Obama.

    • John Boy

      Then let Khadr sue the USA. Canada shouldn’t pay a penny to this lifetime welfare sponge of a family.

      • Hard Little Machine

        The barrier to suing the US government is so high most people don’t bother.

        • Deplorable Canadian

          Then our PM (aided by his sock masters) do the edgy, out there thing of sticking it to the USA by rewarding a jihadi. Like declaring open borders, Canada becoming a post national Country? They so define themselves as “not Amerikkan”?

          I presume that Justhtin & clan don’t use a passport to enter the USA or elsewhere, while Canadians still have to?

          Let’s face it, the Little Man, like his father hates this country & all who reside here. A goodly chunk of his supporters, too. It’s that obvious. Tell me, is T. Junior reading from daddy’s script, the one locked behind the clear glass with the sign “When PM, break glass, activate”?

          Who is really running this country, the Class of ’67?

          • Observer

            And they announce the $10 million given to this admitted murderer of an American on the 4th of July!