Justin Trudeau Style Canadian who swore allegiance to ISIS also an RCMP Free Range Jihadi

TORONTO – Was anyone watching Rehab Dughmosh?

About a year before she was charged with attacking customers and staff with a golf club and butcher knife at a Scarborough Canadian Tire, Dughmosh allegedly left Toronto in an unsuccessful bid to join ISIS in Syria as a foreign fighter.

Great, she was one of the RCMP’s Free Range Jihadi’s

  • PaulW

    She’s the face of Canada now, as much as it has one. Of course, you can’t really see her face, since she wears a muslim-female facemask thingy, but still ….

    • I wonder why they allow her to wear the mask in court.

  • ontario john

    I foresee an apology and ten million dollar settlement in the future.

  • ontario john

    And now in today’s episode of “ISLAMOPHOBIA IS RUNNING RAMPANT ACROSS CANADA!!”. The CBC brings us the heart breaking story, of people complaining about muslims praying with their prayer mats all over a Quebec zoo. Is there no stopping these atrocities?

  • DMB