Jihad, the New Mental Illness

Justin Sullivan converted to Islam in September 2014; that was when, says his father, he began “acting combatively.” Just three months later, he murdered a man who was a neighbor of his parents in Morganton, North Carolina. And last week, he was sentenced to life in prison for plotting a jihad massacre in the U.S. for the Islamic State.

But it’s not jihad, it’s “mental illness.”

  • JoKeR

    How could anybody be deemed mentally ill in the twenty-first century just because they believe that…..

    • Alain

      Gee, mental illness is now not only legalised but made compulsory: promotion of almost all possible sexual perversions for a start.

  • Alain

    Islam is mental illness, and jihad is part of it. So if they want to claim all jihadists are just victims of mental illness then they need to declare Islam a mental illness the same as leftism.

  • Dana Garcia

    No question islam looks a whole lot like bad craziness, if I may use technical language.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    I’m sure all the converts are mentally ill. No sane person would voluntarily convert to Islam.

    The other Muslims are probably insane too, from the inbreeding. So why are we importing hundreds of thousands of insane, potentially violent people into the country?

    • bob e

      because we are mentally ill ..

    • Observer

      Because they will vote Liberal and ensure a perpetual Liberal dynasty?

      Of course that doesn’t explain while he Conservatives imported so many too.