Armed Islamist gang terrorizing ‘immoral’ Chechen women in Berlin: report

A group of armed Chechen men have beaten or threatened several women in Berlin in recent weeks for not abiding by their retrograde understanding of the Quran, Tagesspiegel reports.

Two young Chechen women have been beaten up by the group, sustaining serious injuries, while two more have been threatened and chased. A man has also been attacked and beaten, the Berlin daily reported on Wednesday after interviewing several victims.

The newspaper has also seen a video made by the group and distributed within the capital’s Chechen community.

  • K1

    Tribal wars among same tribes or different tribes
    We have not come very far as human beings
    …take Canada for instance,
    The Jewish have taken revenge on Old Anglo Canada for the extermination of their people in Germany and for not taking them into Canada so….
    There has been a Genocide of Old Anglo Canada by the Jews
    I can not erase what has happened
    I can not pretend this has not happened
    All Senior Homes need to be investigtated NOW

  • dapto

    By the time Merkel is finished she’ll finish of what Hitler was unable to do, that is kill all the jews and dissenters in Europe.

  • WalterBannon

    Cultural enrichment, just like Trudope has prescribed for canadastan

    • Will Quest

      All they want to do is cover these Chechen harlots, giving izzlam’s women power and emboldening muslim females ……. doncha know ….

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Retrograde = accurate in this case and as per usual.