Anything to appease Chief Grizzly Mamma… Canada’s military engages in disproportionate virtue signalling

Armed Forces members who disrupted Indigenous rally could get the boot

Chief Grizzly Mamma – Offended By Something

I accuse our military of disproportionate virtue signalling.

PS. I once got accused by some whacko native of making up “Blazingcatfur” to sound “Indian”. Pip should be compensated.

  • ontario john

    Yes our Reduced Defence Minister is outraged. But its ok for him to lie about his military achievements and remain the minister. I had two uncles die in the Second War, to defend our freedoms. And now our fascist political elites are taking those freedoms away.

    • He personally defeated Pancho Villa.

      • ontario john

        Was that before or after he put down the Boxer rebellion?

        • He did both simultaneously.

          • andycanuck

            His time machine allowed him to do that.

  • New Centurion

    How can you have any respect for this institution anymore? They’re considering releasing 5 guys for that? What a bunch of grovelling, pathetic “we apologize for everything” pussy’s. This is what the guys overseas are fighting for.

    • It happens when you put Tranny’s in charge;)

    • ontario john

      All part of feminist Trudeau’s stated plans to welcome into the military, lesbian, black, muslims in wheelchairs.

  • Caligula Jones

    I get a strong sense of Grey Owlnish with this one…

    • I doubt many “protesters” were in fact Injuns.

      • Caligula Jones

        Ah, that’s the “intersectionality” of it all: gather ALL da minorities, count them up and voila! Majority…

  • Maxsteele

    This is f*ing outrageous. These guys were not in uniform and they were not rude. They debated in a calm respectful manner. While on the other hand these so called natives were aggressive and, on the most part, had no idea what they were talking about. Vance is a disgrace, his whole shtick is for the camera’s and to appease the newspapers. He is all talk and does not follow through with anything he says–unless of course it is jacking up and potentially dismissing these poor seamen.

    • It’s what happens when you put PC imbeciles in charge.

    • favill

      It’s what happens when your daddy was the former Commander of the Army (known then as Commander Mobile Command)–lots of people owed him for their rank and status…so they pay it back by progressing the son, who happens to go by the same nickname “Jack”. The way the regimental system works (with LGen Jack Vance Sr being the most senior member of the RCR “mafia” at the time Jack Jr was still a subaltern until he was a sr officer)…Jack Jr had his career greased from the beginning–he would have gotten the postings, courses and evaluation reports needed to progress faster than his peers. Jack Jr got the shoe-in as the CDS when he went back to Afghanistan to command the Canadian contingent after BGen Dan Ménard was caught diddling the help and relieved of command back in 2010.

  • chayisun

    I most certainly can understand how Blazingcatfur could be construed as a native name. In fact it was. Almost. Back during the famous Indian wars…Not to be confused with the current India and Pakistan disagreement……There was a rather prissy native warrior, well known for his war like tendencies…….War dancing and bonnet making along with the occasional haircutting…….he couldn’t work himself up to scalping as this was too messy….who had been named blazingcatpuss . He won many a dancing competition with his ballet like twists and turns which did not go over with the chief of the tribe as this disrupted the war dance.

    What to do……The chief decided a name change was in order to, hopefully, warrior up his madcap dancer. Thus came about BLAZING CAT FUR!!!!! Whether this changed the dancing, bonnet making native into a belligerent, war like native is not known.

    However, there is a certain blogger who is called blazing cat fur who may, in fact, be a relation…….

    • Cool, do I get an Indian card?

      • andycanuck

        Why do you ask, Two Dogs F#cking?

        • Clausewitz

          My parent went outside after I was born and named me after the first thing they saw. I am “Shiting Bull”.

      • Clink9

        Put me in too!

        I’m Stands With Beer.

      • chayisun

        Of course you can. However it’s referred to as an aboriginal native Canadian card which is good at Tim Horton’s, Burger King and the Road Kill Café. Good only on Sunday. After closing.

  • Mark

    Are the military afraid they will be out manned and out gunned should the natives get more restless? That’s the only reason for their cowardice in this. Vance has to go, he isn’t fit to lead the military anymore.

    • The Tranny’s refuse to fight in the rain, makes their make-up run.

  • simus1

    Being kicked out of Justin’s HMS Pinafore navy for losing it with state encouraged public performance commie subversion would be a mark of honour among real people.

  • The Chief is a Marlon Brando lookalike circa Apocalypse Now

    • Bla Bla

      The horror…. the horror…

    • KingBob ✓Adorable

      Is she an actual chief?

  • Deplorable Canadian

    With senior officers like these (not the wannabes at the Cornwallis statue, I commend their actions), who’d follow them? Especially if to put down a local rebellion? They’d be “leading” a bunch of PC, circus freaks. Unfortunately, the “enemy” would die laughing.

  • ntt1

    And ham is a “smoked meat” a pejorative term for indigenous females in bars .pip is appropriating like a native