USAF: The fight to eradicate ISIS is one that our nation, and our military forces, should be proud of — especially on this day

Three years ago, the world was surprised and shocked by the gruesome images emerging from Iraq and Syria. An evil group known as ISIS began controlling territory and violently murdering those who stood in their way. In the three years since the U.S. and coalition forces began reversing the group’s efforts to establish a “caliphate” and ruthlessly implement its medieval practices, much has changed. ISIS has suffered severe losses in Iraq and the Iraqi army has made gallant sacrifices and strides in taking its country back, block by block. It’s been heartening to see a divided nation come together against a common enemy, and the Iraqis have truly shared the risks with coalition troops.

  • Ho Hum

    While it is true that the US is taking the fight to ISIS in Iraq the same cannot be said in Syria where the USAF and it’s allies including Israel are bombing the Syrian army (the army of a SOVEREIGN nation!) killing untold numbers of brave Syrian soldiers who ARE fighting ISIS! We can see in recent weeks the Trump administration is trying to gin-up fake intelligence to be used against Syria as a pretext to take out all of Assad’s air bases thereby giving ISIS and Al Qaeda free reign in Syria which is just what the U.S. and it’s allies want. I wonder how USAF pilots feel about providing air support to the same terrorist groups that brought down the world trade towers? Does it even occur to them what they are doing?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Israeli attacks on Syria have been entirely in self-defense and under conditions of engagement that have been spelled out in public. Any munitions fired over the Golan Heights line and any transfers of heavy arms to Hezbollah will get a response from the IDF. Assad and the Russians both know it. Assad could have negotiated a peace treaty with Israel like Egypt and Jordan did long before the civil war broke out, but he refused and is now paying the price for it. I also don’t find any bravery in Syrian forces using poison gas against its enemies and especially civilians.

      • Ho Hum

        Yes Israel has declared that if any shells land in the Golan hgts they will automatically blame and attack Syria even if Syria not behind the actions which of course guarantee’s that shells will continue to land in the Golan giving Israel the flimsy excuse to attack Assad’s army over and over again with impunity thereby rendering assistance to ISIS.

        As for transfer of arms to Hezbollah of course they are receiving arms – they are fighting ISIS! Through it’s action’s Israel has made it clear that it supports ISIS the Israeli Intelligence Chief publicly said as much
        Israel does NOT want to see ISIS defeated!

        As for the alleged chemical attacks it has been thoroughly debunked that Assad was not behind the attack. Anyone with a brain who was being honest would realize Assad would have to be suicidal to gas his own people.

        • Norman_In_New_York

          The arms being transferred to Hezbollah that prompts Israeli military action are missiles, not rifles. is a radical left fake news site. Assad would gas his own people if that is what it took to stay in power.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We need to pull back and contain them until they exterminate one another. Figure a decade at most and Islam burns through most of the people it wants to kill, 99% of whom are just each other. Anyone here caught trying to mutate into a crazy, we just stick them on a plane to Muslim paradise and drop them off. Strictly one way. It’s a plague and you have to let it consume its hosts.

  • pdxnag

    Meddling in the intramural fight between one Islamic state and another Islamic state is like throwing sand in the air. Wall them all off, from civilization.