UN admits 7 out of ten migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Libya are NOT refugees as crisis sparks hostility and violence in Italy

The UN has said that seven in 10 people crossing the Mediterranean from Libya are economic migrants and the rest are ‘people in need of protection’ like refugees and asylum-seekers.

The U.N. refugee agency says people smuggling and migrant flows in Libya are on the rise, so Europe may face increased flows of migrants and refugees in the future.

UNHCR says 84,830 migrants and refugees have reached Italy’s shores so far this year from Libya, which is a 19-percent increase from last year.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But we have an obligation to help all those Muslim young mothers and children.

    The United Nations and the media say so.

  • UCSPanther

    I see a lot of new Sarajevos and Srebrenicas in Europe’s future…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I don’t care why they are coming to the west, the answer should always be no.

  • Dana Garcia

    July — it’s primo sailing season on the Mediterranean!

    And nobody has rescinded the invitation for the Third World to come.

  • Martin B

    10 out of 10 migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Libya are NOT refugees.

    There’s a billion more where they came from. Stop them now or say goodbye to civilization.

    • SMC_BC

      They are invaders and should be treated as such. If one boat is fired upon by the military the crossings will come to a complete stop.

      • Observer

        It would be cheaper to mine waters off the coast of Libya.

        Leave a safe gap to be secured with a couple of warships.

        • Watchman

          The announced plan by Italy to close all ports was specifically to stop boats rented by NGOs acting as a water taxi service for migrants. The NGO boats were being contacted by people smugglers on boats within sight of North Africa to transfer their passengers then ship them north to be offloaded in Italy, and then the NGO boats would head back south for another load. Closing the ports to these NGO boats would go a long way to restricting the immigration. Fuel, water and food could be supplied to boats so that the NGO boats could remain permanently anchored in international waters: the NGOs are likely to not want to live with these migrants for long.

    • Watchman

      “Me and my neighbour are fleeing religious oppression in North Africa: He was repressing my Sunni faith, and I was repressing his Shia faith. We both need asylum in Europe so we can both escape the constant repression. Just ask right him now how much he felt repressed by me in North Africa so that we can both feel financially safer and more prosperous in Europe’s welfare state.”

  • SMC_BC

    If they’re not refugees then they can be sent back.

    • Watchman

      Can Must be sent back immediately they are assessed as non-refugees.

      But we all know the European elites want mass immigration to supposedly fix the shortfall in birthrate in the native European population.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        The Big Shots have businesses to run, they need the cheap labour.

        • Watchman

          …and cheap votes from an uneducated populace. We are going the way of the Roman Empire by bribing the masses with the modern equivalent of panem et circenses (‘Bread and Circuses’) not only ignoring the barbarians at the gates, but inviting the barbarians in to feast and be entertained at out expense.

  • Hard Little Machine

    European countries need to enlist the help of every single plane and ship that runs, stuff them with as many foreigners as they can and shove them into Europe by the 10s of millions.

  • mauser 98

    …all in the script

    “with the aim of bringing countries together behind a more humane and
    coordinated approach. The issue of large movements of refugees and
    migrants is too vast for any one state to handle on its own. The
    international community must work together to find durable solutions.”


    “EU can help unlock Africa’s potential by developing the right mix of
    migration and mobility policies; by bolstering security cooperation with
    the United Nations, the African Union and other African partners”

    https://europa.eu/globalstrategy/en/redefining-our-relationship-africa https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb9d22b0cf449b24e81e005758fbd94a0b491ebda8433ca7bdc7b52d86becc8b.jpg

    • Watchman

      Although the following YouTube video shows why the US accepting more migrants will not fix worldwide poverty issues, you just have to extrapolate and see whey Europe accepting tens or hundreds of millions more migrants not going to fix poverty in Africa but also not going to help Europe’s wealth:

  • Europe can solve this problem on its own.