UK Universities and the PC Police

A police officer in the UK has threatened a young woman that he will pressure her university to withdraw her acceptance over a comment she made on social media about Islamist terrorism. He has also threatened her with charges of harassment.

  • terrence22

    surprise, SURPRISE, the police “officer” is a muslim. From the article: “English subsequently received an email from Police Constable Mohammed Khan, saying that if she didn’t engage with him, he would ask Newcastle University to withdraw its offer to her as a “safeguarding measure.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    I only watch car races for the crashes. England is NASCAR

  • Fire that scumbag “cop”. Fire his ass and charge him with harassment. What sort of country has Britain turned into?

  • Tooth&Claw

    No crime committed other than holding an opinion of Islam based in fact.. This cop is just trying to intimidate and harass her.