The corner of England where the Stars and Stripes fly high

With its picturesque villages and quiet country lanes, the county of Suffolk embodies a vision of a certain kind of Englishness. Yet nestled away in its north-western corner lies a pocket of pure Americana, where the cars are huge, you can pay for a haircut in dollars and the Stars and Stripes flutter proudly.

The accent is unmistakably American.

The man, elderly, slightly hunched but with a freshly cut short-back-and-sides, hauls himself out of the black leather barber’s chair and places some money in Steve Snazell’s palm.

“Until next time,” he says, heading out of the door with a sense of purpose honed from years in the military.

  • simus1

    Years ago I met a Canadian Army pensioner who had been badly injured in a WW2 training accident in England. He met an English nurse during his recovery, they fell in love and married. They remained in England after he was released with some sort of medical pension because her career was going well and medical expertise for his condition was close at hand. He had over time become a skilled if slow auto body painter despite his afflictions.

    He was not alone in his situation and for some reason there were elements in the Diefenbaker government who listened to those who for some reason had a hate on for these vets and demanded they either repatriate back to Canada or lose their pensions.

    So one morning they set off for Barrie from the east coast in a recently acquired beautifully repainted black 1950s Chrysler with a wave and a smile …………..