NDP MP Roméo Saganash’ plagiarism: He internalized the white man’s penchant for cultural appropriation!

NDP MP apologizes for plagiarizing parts of an op-ed column

NDP MP Roméo Saganash – victim of the white man’s genocide

NDP MP Roméo Saganash has apologized for plagiarizing parts of a recent op-ed column he wrote about why he, and many other Indigenous people, would not be celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Saganash lifted paragraphs, nearly verbatim, from a speech delivered by student Erica Violet Lee at an event called Reckoning with Canada at 150 at Carleton University in March. Some of her words were later republished under the MP’s name in a column titled “150 Years of Cultural Genocide: Today, Like All Days, is an Insult.”

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  • I’ve heard of Indian-giver…

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Wow, Saganash looks like my son did when he was two years old.

  • Martin B

    An NDP MP. I dunno about the rest of you, but I’m one White Man who won’t be getting anything like the gold-plated pension Romeo has to look forward to.

    And they can’t give it a rest, even on Canada’s 150th birthday. Mosquitoes whine, but after they’ve sucked your blood they fly away. Whining Indians never stop whining and never stop sucking blood.

  • Then he tried flipping it by saying that aboriginal voices were ignored and some such rot.

    What a wanker.

  • shasta

    Mr. Saganash gives a fine demonstration of modern native morality and culture in this country. Steal goods from children and resell it as your own. and when caught, blame it on someone else. – He should be fired from the Globe and from the NDP if either of them had any morals, and the Globe should demand its money back from the article and give it to the two who had their material plagiarized (not that the material wasn’t garbage to begin with, but at least it was original garbage).

    • David Murrell

      The Saganash plagiarism will be ignored by the big corporate media. He is an NDP whiner, so he gets a free pass. Move on, move on, there is nothing to see here.

      • simus1

        Romeo came to light in the era of Jack Layton – Quebec oligarchs/elites – cutting a backroom deal. No doubt as time passes he just might get a little restless.

  • Alain

    As an aside I honestly cannot tell what difference there is any more between the NDP and the Liberals.

  • karra

    I, for one, am heap big Proud of brave Saganash.

  • David Murrell

    One noticed last week that there were a number of Hate Canada Day screeds on the CBC News and Globe and Mail web pages. Perhaps it’s the in thing, among the rich corporate elites, to urinate on one’s country.

  • simus1

    Romeo has a law degree and some other additional first world problems none of which were apparently caused by his own self. Sweet.