NDP MP Roméo Saganash’ plagiarism: He internalized the white man’s penchant for cultural appropriation!

NDP MP apologizes for plagiarizing parts of an op-ed column

NDP MP Roméo Saganash – victim of the white man’s genocide

NDP MP Roméo Saganash has apologized for plagiarizing parts of a recent op-ed column he wrote about why he, and many other Indigenous people, would not be celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Saganash lifted paragraphs, nearly verbatim, from a speech delivered by student Erica Violet Lee at an event called Reckoning with Canada at 150 at Carleton University in March. Some of her words were later republished under the MP’s name in a column titled “150 Years of Cultural Genocide: Today, Like All Days, is an Insult.”

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