Islam’s Onslaught Of America: Ignoring Successive Lessons Of Terror

Anywhere you look in the world today where Muslims immigrate, you see violence. Where you once saw peaceful cities in Europe, you see Muslims firebombing cars and buildings. You see trashed out slums. In Melmo, Sweden, they rioted and killed all last summer. One look at London, England shows Sharia thugs beating people up for drinking a beer. One man suffered beheading as we walked down the street a year ago in London.

  • Watchman

    But, the Mayor of London tells me that I have to accept this and get used to it as part of the new Diverse society. The muslim mayor, whose religion where violence is traditionally part of their society, even though they have been working for 1400 years to eliminate and Diversity of language, culture and skin color.

    • Hard Little Machine

      I do accept it. I will have almost no problem if wide swaths of London become uninhabitable hellscapes. I know how the zombie apocalypse ends.

      • Watchman

        Yeah, once they have taken over a place, they head off in search of more humans to kill or convert. We don’t want that.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    President Trump ignores nothing. It’s his opponents who have their heads up their asses.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would welcome the almost complete removal of Federal, state and local law enforcement from Muslim enclaves. As long as we come down like a hammer outside of those enclaves. I would create their no-go zones for them. And I would create new enclaves, ghettos as it were, around the homes in the districts of every politician who voted to support limitless ‘immigration’ or who voted against “Katie’s Law’ and so forth. And if that includes the richest areas of the bicoastal liberal elite, fine. Then THEY can petition the government to redistrict themselves out of their paradise.

  • Alain

    Of course, which is why we must keep hammering home the fact that there is not a single country in the whole world where Muslims live peacefully with non Muslims; in fact they don’t even live peacefully with other Muslims. It is treason and criminal to allow this blight to enter a country that did not have a Muslim population.