Indian village ‘bans’ women from wearing ‘attractive clothes’ and using mobile phones to prevent sexual assault

Village elders claim Western dress and mobile phones are ‘ruining their culture.’

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Maybe they are?
    Then again, the staggering number of rapists that India produces probably is a net negative too, although sexual assault is a huge part of Indian culture.
    I contend that difficult to understand Indian technical support is ruining my country’s culture.
    What are we to do?

  • Starlord

    It’s 2017 not the 1600’s and Salem. Bet JT is pissed off this didn’t happen in Canada so he could wear socks and tell us we must embrace this diversity.

  • PaulW

    “Incidents of rape and molestation are on the rise as women wear attractive clothes.”

    And of course it’s the women who are responsible for wearing attractive clothes; men have no personal responsibility since they are clearly unable to control themselves, poor guys. When they see food on a table, they eat it, no matter who it belongs to; when they see something they want, they simply take it; and when they see a woman that they deem attractive ….

  • Ruin society? How? By calling for help?