Germany: Far-right violence and Islamist threat on the rise

The number of far-right violent crimes rose to 1,600 in 2016 – up from 1,408 in 2015 – the report said, and came alongside an overall rise in the number of neo-Nazis considered “violence-orientated:” 12,100 in 2016, up from 11,800 in 2015. The intelligence agency now believes that more than half of far-right extremists in Germany were potentially violent.

At the same time, the BfV believes there are now more Islamists in Germany, and therefore the chance of an Islamist attack remains high. The number of ultra-conservative “Salafists” in Germany rose last year to 10,100 – up from 8,350 the year before. Of these, some 680 have been classified as “Gefährder ( in German) or endangerer – more than ever before.

Last year also saw a rise in left-wing extremism, with the BfV estimating that some 8,500 leftist extremists are “violence-orientated.” De Maiziere used the opportunity raise the prospect of an increased threat of left-wing violence during the G20 summit in Hamburg this week.