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Crazy Left Is Trying to Destroy New Right-Center Media Network

The War on Fox spearheaded by David Brock has been very successful in belittling and demeaning the Fox News network. Fox is moving left in their coverage, leaving a gaping hole for another right-center network to fill.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the new, possibly competitive, Sinclair network is under fire from the left for buying up stations in some significant markets. The broadcasting outlet is awaiting government approval and ready to fill the gap.

 Not wanting them to get that approval, the attack machines are out in full force on Twitter. Some of the Sinclair Twitter haters are fake accounts. They are calling Sinclair a purveyor of “extreme right propaganda”. The truth is the haters only want “extreme left propaganda”.


Trudeau to meet Irish PM and the Queen ahead of G20 summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived Monday afternoon in Europe, where he has scheduled a couple of friendly courtesy calls ahead of what is expected to be a raucous G20 summit in Germany.

Trudeau and his family are first headed to Dublin for a meeting with Ireland’s new taoiseach (prime minister), Leo Varadkar.

The Canada-EU free trade deal, which has yet to be implemented and is still subject to a ratification vote in Ireland, will be on the agenda.

I cringe at the thought of Lil’ Potato showing the Queen his socks.

3 years from disaster? Climate alarmists try to scare millennials into action

In an article published by the journal Nature, Figueres and other climate “thinkers” warned that the planet could face unsafe and irreversible temperature increases if greenhouse gas emissions don’t begin to fall by 2020 — which, coincidentally, is the same year that the US is legally able to withdraw from the agreement.

Climate scientists have somehow determined that if emissions continue to rise or even stay flat after 2020, the Paris Agreement’s goal of keeping temperatures from rising more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100 will become unachievable. To avoid such a failure, Figueres and her colleagues hope to stir millennial allies into a climate revolution by using end-of-the-world scare tactics.

15 times Hollywood hacks envisioned violence against Trump

All the liberals and media are butthurt after Donald Trump posted a video from a 2007 Wrestlemania event where you body slammed slammed, and put CNN’s logo on the guy’s head. It was like the end of the world for the media and liberals. They claimed this will eventually get media hacks killed. This after one of their owned tried to murder Steve Scalise three weeks ago. If what Trump tweeted over the weekend will get media hacks killed (which even I don’t want), then these 15 Hollywood ‘celebrities’ would surely be a danger to Trump and his family.

How the Left Lost Its Mind

In past political epochs, popular conspiracy theories spread via pamphlets left on windshields, or chain emails forwarded thousands of times. These days, the tinfoil-hat crowd gathers on Twitter.

People like Mensch, Claude Taylor, Andrea Chalupa, Eric Garland, and Leah McElrath feed their followers a steady diet of highly provocative speculation, rumor, and innuendo that makes it sound as if Trump’s presidency—and, really, the entire Republican Party—is perpetually on the verge of a spectacular meltdown.


Trudeau looks to perform delicate G20 balancing act between Trump, Merkel

Justin Trudeau is embarking today on a week-long European sojourn that will culminate in a meeting of 20 of the world’s largest economies – one where he’ll test-drive a brand new foreign affairs policy aimed at charting Canada’s own course in the world.

Friday’s G20 meetings are shaping up as a showdown between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald Trump.

In a speech last week to the German parliament that laid out her priorities for the meeting, Merkel – host of the two-day gathering in Hamburg – delivered a pointed critique of Trump’s now-infamous “America First” doctrine without ever once mentioning his name.

Never mind all that – what socks is he wearing?

Angela Merkel Reflects Fear and Loathing Amid EU Elites

Everything President Trump’s team does is connected to a bigger, much bigger, picture than most people are paying attention to. However, those who control the levers of multinational power are paying very close attention.

U. Scranton Hiring Director to Promote “Feminist Theories and Knowledge”

The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania is seeking to hire a new director to promote “feminist theories and knowledge” and “social justice theories” on campus, according to a job listing on Chronicle Vitae.

The new “Director of Cross Cultural Centers” will be tasked with managing the school’s Women’s Center, which is funded by the school’s $42,910 annual tuition. The director will be asked to “implement programs and initiatives on gender equity and social justice that incorporate feminist theories and best practices,” which include “identity development, social justice, and women’s leadership.”

New Dem Strategy: Trump Mentally Unfit to Remain in Office

Pointing to the outcry over President Donald Trump’s latest controversial tweets, freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin is urging his colleagues to get behind a bill that could potentially oust the President if he was mentally or physically unfit.

The Maryland Democrat wants to create an 11-member commission made up of mostly physicians and psychiatrists — more formally called the “Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity.” The panel would carry out a medical examination and determine whether the President was physically or mentally able to do the job.

Ontarians take a bath on Canada Day: $200K for world’s largest rubber duck

What the duck? Ontario celebrates Canada Day by renting an enormous rubber ducky.

And this great Canadian icon that was integral to confederation only cost $200,000 to rent.

Yet again, your tax dollars hard at work. Suckers!