Canada rewards terrorists; Israel punishes them

Justin Trudeau Asswipe

Two news stories concerning terrorism should make Canadians realize that not only are we being governed under the doctrine of ‘sock and awe’, but that our values have turned upside down in a bizarro world, one of our own making.

First to Israel where on Monday, the government revealed it has filed a precedent-setting lawsuit against the family of a terrorist who drove a truck into a group of military personnel killing four Israeli soldiers.

  • Because Israel is not ruled by a simpering son of a previous prime minister.

    That’s why.

    Trudeau is such a vindictive, spiteful little sh–.

  • Ann

    Anyway you look at it, Trudeau gave a big $10 million incentive to any Canadian Islamists, fighting with ISIS, or Al Qaeda to kill an American.

    • Alain

      Yes, and I am with you on that, but I also was totally disgusted when Harper caved in to the bogus claims of another one. Again a case where Canada had nothing to do with it other than he was another “citizen” of convenience with a Canadian passport. Harper should have evoked the not withstanding clause and refused to award him. Now this is even worse and I doubt we have seen the end of this nonsense.

    • Gary

      A huge number of the muslims in canada live in Ontario where Wynne has her Election in about 10 months. Justin has his in 2019…..first they pay off the 2,000,000 public sector adult voters with a raise and then keep the 300,000 muslims in Toronto happy because Justin know that it has the largest block of seat to keep his support at 39% .

      Omar was an expert at IED’s. So when the bombs go off in the TTC subway system….watch how fast the CBC and STAR blame HARPER for bringing him back to Canada from GITMO.
      Sid Ryan adopted Omar and he project to get back here , any Jew-hater is a friend of CUPE and Sid.

    • Bernie

      We all need to understand that Islam has as its “modus operandi” a philosophy that Women and Children are tools to be used in warfare and are justifiably expendable. Teaching a Child to be a Suicide Bomber, IED or sacrifice against all Infidels is perfectly normal and acceptable in Islamic Culture. By giving Khadr $10 Million, Western Society or Canada is in fact supporting the Jihadist method of War.

  • How can he get away with it without any debate in Parliament? That money belongs to the Canadian people, not Justin. And Federal lawyers should be fighting this tooth and nail and should go public with it. Because that’s supposed to be their job.

  • Ho Hum

    I’m sure Kevin Johnston speaks for many of us…

  • Gary

    In February of 2016 , Omar’s lawyer allow him to use the iPhone to contact the al-qaeda members he met in GITMO .

    But wait a moment Justin ……Jean Chretien was the PM that let Omar ROT in GITMO while the CBC and STAR ( plus Jack Layton) didn’t care about . But once Paul Martin lost the Election to Harper we saw the CBC and STAR suddenly join CUPE and the Teachers & Union to demand that Harper bring Omar back because he’s a Canadian.

    So lets see.. Omar’s mother gets pregnant by her terrorist husband with a fake Orphanage that help muslim children. She flies to Canada to pop out Omar on our soil and bill us the $25,000.00 for Hospital costs while Chretien rescued her terrorist Husband from a pakistani Jail that went back to Jihad where Omar’s brother go shot in the spine Mommy dearest brought HIM back for free Health care and welfare .
    Then …Omar wages war in civilians clothes and violates the Geneva Convention to murder a medic and ends up in GITMO…..YET Trudeau is giving him $10.5 million of OUR money for what Chretien and Omar’s daddy Dearest did?????

    i had predicted that rescuing Omar was a ruse because the Left wanted a Anti-USA poster boy while the Lawyers from CAIR were lined up to sue us just like that LIAR Maher Arar that told the CBC in 2003 he was tortured in JORDAN ….but when he couldn’t sue Jordan he had CAIR coach him to sue Canada for $400,000,000.00 via Extortion and changed his story to being tortured in his homeland of Syria to get $10.2 million out of Court .

    But I don’t get this . Maher Arar is a Syrian is a Syrian is a Syrian according to Justin and somehow we we’re suppose to bail him out of a Syrian jail as a dual Citizen…..then when Omar gets in trouble in his fathers homeland and goes to GITMO where told that we must rescue him because he was born in Canada.
    Which one is it for the Liberals….. Chretien left Omar in GITMO while they worked to get Arar freed from Syria but they both will now get $10.2 million.

    Arar only had his Citizenship since 1995 and he got married to pump out babies to assure he wold get it.

    I’m going to move into a Garage for 8 years and tell the CRA that I’m no longer paying income because I’m now a car.
    If Omar and Arar can be in Canada for about 7 years and get all the rights as someone in their 70’s that born here because they are deemed “canadian “….. the SCOC should support me that being in a garage for 8 years makes me a car and a wasting asset. My shoes will be equal to tires while my food is equal to fuel .

    • Ho Hum

      Seeing the name Maher Arar I am reminded that the treasonous CUCK Stephen Harper – set the template for such a betrayal of Canadians.

      The muzzie loving ass-hole vote-whore Stephen Harper who flooded Canada with 1/2 million muslim terrorists (with the help of his faggot Minister of Immigration) gave Arar $10.5 Million and an apology (the EXACT SAME as Kadhr!). As with the Kadhr case Harper HAD A CHOICE! There was NO reason for the government of Canada to be NEGOTIATING an OUT-OF-COURT settlement.

      These cases should have gone to trial and decided by a judge or jury. Even if the terrorists prevailed there is no way a Canadian court would award $10 Million in damages and any award – however small – could have been appealed until the terrorists run out of money to pay their lawyers. DAMAGES OF THIS MAGNITUDE ARE NEVER AWARDED IN CANADA! There was NO REASON for the government to try to obtain an out-of-court settlement .

  • Observer

    He joins Maher Arar on the winners list.

    Of course Canadian tax payers are the losers.

  • CanadianAssoc of Proctologists


    It is outrageous that you are unfairly denigrating Anuses by falsely comparing them to Justin Trudeau.

    Assholes provide an essential service in allowing the elimination of toxic and useless waste from the system and without them you would die.

  • simus1

    I’m not so certain this is a bad idea. Think of a perfectly done suckling pig tossed into a cage full of hungry mongrels.