Tunisian in Austria Murders Elderly Couple to Teach the FPÖ a Lesson

Yesterday a culture-enricher brutally murdered an elderly couple in the Austrian city of Linz because the FPÖ, an immigration-critical political party, had hurt his feelings.

I don’t know how it is in Austria, but in much of the rest of the West the Gutmenschen would blame the FPÖ for this incident. The party’s “extremism” and “xenophobia” would be seen as the decisive factor in the perpetrator’s decision to stab, club, and burn his victims. The general rule is that right-wing politicians are always responsible for any bad thing that happens, and immigrants are never to blame for their violent deeds.

  • BillyHW

    Anyone who supports 3rd world immigration is going to go to hell when they die.

    • Slickfoot

      They know that, that is why they’re trying to create a version here, so they can acclimate.

    • Watchman

      You leave the Pope out of this! /sarc – but only a tiny bit of sarc.

  • Uncommunist

    Alleged that the victims were close to the party

    The suspected double murderer alleged that his two victims were to connected with the FPÖ — which in fact wasn’t even true, according to Pilsl. The 54-year-old suspect accurately planned his deed, even though he knew that the two pensioners were not responsible for his situation, according to the National Police Director.

    Woman strangled, man killed with knife and club

    The deliveryman regularly delivered organic groceries to his two victims, and at the scheduled delivery date on Friday, he hid a belt, a wooden club, a knife and a canister of gasoline under his apron. According to the current state of investigations, first he strangled the 85-year-old, after which he attacked the husband with the knife and the club and killed him. Then he set fire to the kitchen of the family home. The emergency services discovered the corpses of the elderly couple during the firefighting operation.
    Suspect turned himself in

    Not long afterwards the 54-year-old suspect turned himself in to the authorities. During the interrogation, he at first said he that he had considered drowning himself in the Danube, but then made up his mind to go to the police. There, he had to wait until it was his turn. Finally, he confessed to the officers that he had murdered the 85-year-old woman and her husband, who was two years her senior. According to information available to Krone, the two had even assisted him financially up until now, because his organic grocery store was not doing well.

    • Uncommunist

      SJW mentality

  • Hard Little Machine

    The nation of Kurt Waldheim can have em

  • Watchman

    I am disturbed by the implications of the murders even though they were ‘not actually connected with the FPÖ’. If they were staunch supporters of the FPÖ would that make the murders more understandable and forgivable in the eyes of the police, the state and the public? It would appear so.