Police seize ‘enormous’ weapons stash linked to suspected G20 plot

Hamburg police reported on Sunday that Rostock police had evidence that a 30-year-old resident in their city was plotting to commit “significant crimes” in connection with the G20 international summit in Hamburg starting on Friday.

h/t Marvin

  • bob e

    Another Antifa & anarchist showcase .. This is gonna be a bad one.

  • tom_billesley

    Arms heist in Portugal. Military depot raided.
    1,450 rounds of 9mm ammunition
    150 hand grenades
    44 anti-tank grenades
    18 tear gas grenades
    102 explosive charges
    264 pieces of plastic explosive

  • Ed

    A slingshot? A frigging sling shot???

    • I know. And firecrackers and a couple diving knives. NEI (not enough information).

      I think this is Antifa — nothing deadly, just designed to scare people. Nothing that can’t be resolved with a good punch to the face.