Islamabad? No, This is Monfalcone in Italy

As one commenter said, “looks like France or Sweden to me.”

  • Editor

    “Was Monfalcone, Italy.” would probably be more appropriate.

  • Brenda

    You’d think they’d at least have the decency to put on street clothes, instead of going out in their nightshirts.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    I thought it was one of a hundred locations in Toronto, Mississauga or Brampton.

  • tom_billesley

    It took the ex-Viking Normans to kick them out of Italy and Sicily in the 11th century.

  • bob e

    It took a particular set of very rare factors to create the
    Renaissance. Eons of time & circumstance moving into a
    particular place. Perhaps it will never happen again ..
    Does this photo look like it to you ??