groom SHOOTS a photographer as he loses control of an AK-47 while firing celebratory gunfire at his wedding in Lebanon, relatives attack medical staff trying to save victim


This is the shocking moment a groom who was spraying bullets into the sky during his Lebanese ceremony lost control and shot the photographer.

Footage shows the man casually holding the AK47 with one hand while sitting at a table surrounded by people, before firing a hail of bullets into air in the town of Bteghrin.

But the groom underestimates the power of the automatic weapon and soon begins to fire at the table itself, sending food flying and shooting the photographer.

…’Relatives of the groom who [appeared to have shot] the photographer brought the victim to the hospital,’ Executive Director at Bhannes Medical Center Michel Chahine told The Daily Star.

But once there, some of the relatives are reported to have inexplicably stormed into the hospital and attacked the doctors treating the victim.

One staff member suffered a broken eye socket and will have to himself undergo surgery in the coming days, Mr Chahine said.

He said: ‘I honestly do not have an explanation why they did that… They brought a victim of their actions [to the hospital], then began hitting those trying to tend to the victim.’