Continental Breakfast

Carleton U. students ‘reoccupy’ Canada Day: ‘150 years of racism, genocide and colonialism’

Protest organizer Freddy Stoneypoint told Al Jazeera “The goal of the reoccupation is to express our indigenous sovereignty in the face of these toxic national celebrations.

“As an indigenous person, this is an opportune moment to make our community, which has been rendered invisible by the colonial occupation, known.”

Islamic State trained 1,600 Yazidi children in beheading & Suicide attacks, could be in any country.

Khairi Bozani, the head of the Yazidi Affairs Office of the Kurdistan Regional Government, told journalists on Saturday that “consuls of countries in Kurdistan were notified that those children could represent danger against the whole world countries at any moment. It cannot be ruled out that IS could use them in terrorist actions in European countries as well as the U.S., Arab countries or elsewhere.”

James O’Keefe: ‘This Is the Year That We End Fake News’

O’Keefe has documented the fake news phenomenon with the recent release of a video showing a producer at CNN admitting that there is no evidence to support the ongoing reporting on President Donald Trump and his alleged ties to the Russians during his presidential campaign.

“I think this is the year that we end fake news,” O’Keefe told Raheem Kassam, Editor in Chief of Breitbart London on Breitbart News Saturday, Sirius XM radio.

Thousands march in S.F. to call for impeachment of Trump

The crowd gathered at Justin Herman at 1 p.m. for speeches and then marched along the waterfront toward Fisherman’s Wharf while throngs of curious tourists looked on from sidewalks and cafes, many cheering support. After less than two hours, the protest was over and the crowd dispersed, leaving behind three naked men standing in the plaza, the word “Trump” penned on their rumps.

Indigenous protesters confront Carolyn Bennett at Canada Day picnic

They came from all over Canada to confront the minister about what they say is a government long on public relations and lofty promises, but short on anything resembling progressive policy change.

“We came to share our narratives and our point of view. And what we see all the time and consistently with the Liberal government is political rhetoric and photo opportunities,” said Tori Cress.

“We’re out here dispelling those myths that everything is OK in the Trudeau government … because nothing is happening,” she added.

Vatican: On second thought, we’re backing Charlie Gard’s parents

It’s a good second thought, although it comes well after many people wondered why it wasn’t the first thought. After the Pontifical Academy for Life stunned observers by implying that Charlie Gard’s parents should give up the fight to seek private care for a last shot at saving their son’s life, the Vatican released a statement today from Pope Francis that contradicts his own advisory panel. The pontiff stated that authorities should respect their desire to seek treatment, Crux’s Ines San Martin reports.

12 Dogs Test Positive For Cocaine In “Largest Greyhound Drug Case In American History”

First Coast News obtained records from the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation. They show at least 12 dogs in the care of trainer Charles McClellan tested positive for cocaine, for a total of 18 cases in 4 months. The state requires the winner of each greyhound race, as well as another randomly chosen dog, to be drug tested after races. Urine tests conducted by the University of Florida College on Medicine Racing Laboratory came back positive for BZE. McClellan is cited for a Class 1 drug violation for each positive test.

Beaten and Nearly Blinded by Culture-Enrichers on the Beach in Lucerne

When Noah B.* (17) talks about last Friday, his voice is still shaky. A group of youths brutally beat him up right in the middle of Lucerne, on the Ufschötti public bathing beach. “Without any reason at all,” he tells Blick.

It was around 11pm when Noah and two friends were strolling towards the lake. “We walked past a group of fifteen young migrants. The half-drunk men hollered at us,” the college student remembers. Noah ignores them, wants to keep walking on. But the situation escalates: “One of them came running after me and without any warning hit me in the face.” The pupil realizes that a second one is attacking him from the side. Then he goes down. Blood is running across his forehead. He has to spend the night in the hospital.

Black Lives Matter protest demands change after fatal Montreal police shooting

What started as a somber vigil for Pierre Coriolan, a 58-year-old black man who was fatally shot by Montreal police this week, quickly turned into a call for change in how officers respond when people of colour are in distress.

“There’s no communication, there’s no support, there’s no care,” said Venetta Gordon, an activist from Black Lives Matter Montreal.

Organized by Black Lives Matter, Montréal Noir and Hoodstock, the crowd swelled into the streets of Montreal early Sunday afternoon. Donning black, they marched singing along Ste-Catherine Street from Coriolan’s apartment building at Robillard and St-André streets.

They then took over an unoccupied stage at the city’s International Jazz Festival before making a stop at police headquarters.

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    Boy could I use a breakfast like that on some mornings.

    And those dogs should be ashamed of themselves. What ever happened to sportsdogship?

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      The most popular Manhattan Sunday brunch is eggs Benedict and a mimosa cocktail.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Sad. And nauseatingly unoriginal.

  • Got hot Italian sausage and hash browns frying on the stove right now. Later I slice the sausage and melt sliced old cheddar in the middle, and serve the hash browns topped with spices, grated Parmesan and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil.

    It should be illegal culturally — mixing trailer park with “gourmet” — but nobody’s arrested me yet.

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      We’re (my wife and me) are both deeply into frittata – making them, eating them. Yum. Guatemalan-style frittatas are the best, we have found…….

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    The Toronto socialist Star, trots out its resident loony tune Heather Mallick today, to rant that people in western countries need to pay more taxes. Yes that fire in London was because people in the west don’t pay enough taxes. So pay more taxes, or we are all going to die in fires!!

    • mobuyus

      Oh come on wouldn’t you like to chip in a few thousand more so as the lazy invading parasites could live a more fulfilling and enriched life as they take over your world.

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        And pay for exploding, environmentally-safe refrigerators.

  • ontario john

    In case anyone is interested, feminist Trudeau is on another selfie tour. He will be spending a week traveling around Europe before the G20 meeting. Right now he is on his way to Ireland. I didn’t realize being prime minister was such a fun job.

    • tom_billesley

      I bet his itinerary doesn’t include places such as Molenbeek, Rosengård, Rinkeby, Newham, or Sevran

    • Justin St.Denis

      Hopefully, his antics in jihadi-enriched Europe will strain his security resources to the max, beyond the max. Hope he’s wearing the appropriate socks. Fingers-crossed, knocking on wood…….

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    For sale: clean dog piss.

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