Car hits several people at Boston’s Logan airport causing several casualties

A car has driven into a group of pedestrians close to Boston’s Logan airport, causing a number of casualties.

At least nine people have been injured, the Boston Globe reported.

  • Exile1981

    I’m guessing recent immigrant named mohammed.

    • Alain

      And I am guessing the media will try to claim it is one of those “white supremacist” aka Trump supporter.

  • Red-Pilled Conservative

    I see that the Amish murder spree continues unabated.

    • mikeh420

      I was thinking it was those Radical Lutherans again.

    • Justin St.Denis

      It’s those Ontario Mennonites! When they’re not baking pies and cookies or building small furniture pieces, those Mennonites get up to all sorts of mischief. St. Jacobs, Ontario, is a virtual Mennonite HOTBED!!! One would expect the authorities to connect the dots.


      See? It’s clear as day…….

  • Dave

    “56-year-old taxi driver” Color me surprised! We all know who/what drive taxi’s nowadays.
    “a case of operator error”. I’ll bet the error was the koran.
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is often categorized politically as socially progressive and liberal. Remember that.

  • bob e

    Post Ramabomb attack ..?? Sketchy info on all this.

  • tom_billesley

    He drove into a crowd of other taxi drivers on a break. Ten injured.
    What’s the odds no kuffar are involved?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Could be just your average Boston driver. They suck.