Stop Calling Them Progressives — Call Them What They Really Are!

Years ago Marxist-socialist leftists, embarrassed at being Marxist-socialist leftists, made up a shiny new name for themselves, ‘progressives.’ It’s a word that sounds like a garden of forward-thinking delights, but is simply code for the failed, human-spirit-destroying government-command-and control that birthed all the evil “isms” of the past. That’s why every time I hear a conservative commentator in print, radio, or on TV call lefty-socialists “progressives” my 200 billion brain cells swoon.


    What is progressive about stunting the economy or Islamism?

  • Exactly. It also frosts me when they are called “liberals”. Liberals don’t exist anymore. They are all Leftists of varying degrees of communist/marxist ideology that want to destroy Western Civilization, especially the USA.