Media Still Shilling for Obama

The Obama-loving mainstream media have stopped at nothing in their attempts to trash the presidency of Donald Trump, Barack Obama’s successor, before the new President’s agenda can take hold. Trump has promised a health care overhaul, immigration reform, tax reform, to leave the Paris climate agreement, and to hold America’s interests first on the world stage. Some of these goals have been achieved; others have not. But what remains clear is that the overwhelming majority of mainstream journalists and other Obama supporters alike see Trump as a threat to Obama’s legacy items of health care, climate change and Iran, to name a few.

  • Ed

    Even democrats, who want to win elections, will stop listening to the deranged mefia

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As F. H. Buckley in the New York Post points out, Trump has found and now occupies the sweet spot of American politics, that most Americans are patriots, social conservatives and economic liberals. That is why he won the heartland in the election. Democrats have become so beholden to their loony left that these heartland voters have become out of reach.