Lawyer who helped jail the Rochdale grooming gang calls to end violent misogyny he says ‘excuses these monsters’

  • Nazir Afzal, a prosecutor in the Rochdale scandal, writes for the Mail on Sunday
  • Afzal says Asian and Pakistani men are disproportionately involved in grooming
  • He claims Muslim audiences refuse to talk about how to deal with these crimes
  • Muslim Council of Britain only wanted to discuss in hate crime and Islamophobia
  • Brett_McS

    An illustration of Arab/Muslim misogyny courtesy of Jonathan Foreman, a journalist who has travelled extensively in the Middle East etc, on James Dellingpole’s podcast:

    If you hear a baby or young child crying it is always a male child and the parents and relatives will rush to see what’s wrong with their little prince. Female children in Arabic/Muslim lands learn that crying is pointless.

  • K1

    Nasir is a wolf in sheeps clothing
    He is trying to take the stand that Muslim grooming gangs are crime and not WAR RAPE!
    This is so most Muslims can stay and outbirth the British before they get wise