Help wanted: University seeks social justice warrior

From Jennifer Van Laar at Townhall:

Parents ponying up the $42,910 annual tuition at the University of Scranton will be pleased to know that the school is looking to hire a “Director of Cross Cultural Centers” to promote feminist and social justice theories through its Jane Kopas Women’s Center and its Multicultural Center.

The Director would oversee the day-to-day operations of the Centers and their staff, “who work together to develop, implement, and present programs that promote inclusion, multiculturalism, and equity, within a framework of intersectionality, social change, feminist and critical race theory, and mission of the University.”More.

Reality check: Why do parents pony up? Probably because they believe that the restoration of progressive government will enable secure, well-paying jobs wielding considerable power, making the tuition an excellent investment. So let’s not assume they are dumb.

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