Bernie Sanders’ wife tried to kick group home for disabled from college property?

Bernie Sanders’ wife tried to kick group home for disabled from college property?

From Rick Moran at PJ Media:

Jane Sanders, wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, is under investigation by the FBI for questionable actions in taking out loans to purchase property when she was president of Burlington College in Vermont. The college went under in 2016 due to the enormous debt Mrs. Sanders saddled the college with before she left in 2011. Upon purchasing property to expand the college, Mrs. Sanders sought to evict a group of disabled people who lived in a group home on the property. More.

Reality check: No one who has read George Orwell’s Animal Farm need be surprised. The word compassion in such circles merely signifies that the target group can be used to advance progressive political objectives. Some can’t.

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  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)
  • terrence22

    Lefties us George Orwell’s Animal Farm as a HOW-TO-DO-IT manual

  • Jane Sanders owns three houses.
    Disabled people share one house.
    Obviously the “good socialist” wants to take away the one house the “little people” have.

    • She is such a b!#ch.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        My coworkers are so ig’nant.
        We were talking about politics the other day and one of them asked what do you think about Bernie Sanders?
        I said his wife bankrupted a university.
        What? I didn’t know that.
        No, you don’t know that because you don’t want to know.
        You just accept what you are told and never dig deeper to get the truth.

        • Because five minutes of research is beneath people who would rather have things told to them.

      • Doesn’t look like she missed too many meals while she was down in the struggle either!