Why new Conservative leader Scheer is quite right to frontline free speech

From Marnie Soupcoff at the National Post:

Scheer is not a guy who’s been living with his head in the sand. He’s young enough to have experienced the decidedly leftward lean of the Canadian university campus himself and will not be shocked to find that tired right-wing pundits aren’t the most popular choice of speaker for most university students. What Wells discounts is the possibility that Scheer’s promise is not a partisan one based on a desire to flood Canada’s institutes of higher learning with Bill O’Reilly talks, but rather an honest attempt to insist that public universities be what they should be: places for open dialogue and debate. More.

Reality check: Many of us fail to notice that the problem is not that thoughtful people are shut down (yes, that goes without saying) but that embittered mediocrities are training junior jackboots to rule over the rest of us. If Scheer proves to be a capable leader, there may still be time to avert Orwell’s vision of a boot stamping on a human face forever.

Orwell’s Outer Party:

The Outer Party is given state administrative jobs and are composed of the more educated members of society. They are responsible for the direct implementation of the Party’s policies but have no say. They are the “artificial middle class” and have strict rules applied to them.

These rules underlie the importance of elaborate training at universities in sensitivity, political correctness, and virtue signalling.

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  • Scheer did promise to withhold funding from universities that deny free speech.

    But politicians promise a lot of things.

  • Frances

    OTT, but as our PM made his speech on Parliament Hill and called out to all the contributing provinces and territories, he managed to omit Alberta. My offspring calls that a Freudian slip – wants their money, doesn’t actually want the province.

  • WalterBannon

    Universities today have become nothing more than Hitler Youth Camps, churning out future Nazi party apparatchiks.

    All public funding should be pulled with the exception of direct funding to STEM programs only.

    • Alain