Toronto politicians treat Syrian refugees to pre-Canada Day picnic

On the eve of Dominion Day, Toronto Mayor John Tory, along with the City of Toronto’s Newcomer Office and COSTI Immigrant Services, hosted a pre-Canada Day picnic for Syrian refugees.

  • Gary

    Wait…nothing for the homeless when 2017 was reported as heading towards a record year for homeless death ?????

    Let’s see , Ramadan food , prayer rugs, hijabs, no jewish staff or gays , women must be covered , no music , halal compliant food and so on….

    Syrian refugee is code for jew-hating , wife-beating , anti-West, unemployable Muslims . Trudeau left the Christians and Yazidi’s behind to get killed and raped by muslims where some are now in canada among those “refugees” .

    I no longer care if Jihadists start to bomb gays bars and the HQ’s for for the feminists because those two groups are now aligned with the goals of ISIS to make canada an islamic state ruled by sharia.
    Islamists will be doing us a favour to kill off all the morons .

  • Canadian Born

    They did this for the homeless Canadians which includes, how many vets? How about all the Canadian children, whose parents can’t afford much?

    • Bla Bla

      Old white men and their families need not apply. That is why they have brought in euthanasia.

      • ontario john

        When does the party for British and European immigrants start?

  • tom_billesley

    The good news is that while Canada Day was during Ramadan in 2014, 2015 and 2016, this year it wasn’t, so Justin didn’t feel obliged to move it to accomodate the mahometans,

  • Spatchcocked

    Happy Pride to Allah.

    This moron is really driving me around the twist…..what is going on in that twelve year olds brain pan ?

  • marty_p

    Tory joined the “refugees” in the singing of Mo Canada.

    • John Boy

      Was he handing out any fireworks and pressure cookers so they could celebrate their culture?

  • robins111

    If I’d have known about it. I’d have loaded a couple of bus loads of wino’s to help with the event.

  • Dana Garcia

    The picnic is appropriate because Syrians are definitely Pre-Canada and will probably remain so.

  • Bla Bla

    Hey look at all this free taxpayer money I found guys!

  • DMB

    Just imagine the festivities that would have occurred if the Syrian Refugees were invited to the Pride parade instead!

    • andycanuck

      BTW, how many Moslem Liberal MPs made this year’s parade?

  • ontario john

    I hope they were all wearing their ramadan socks.

  • Elections are always around the corner.