Integration and vetting matters

As Canadians gear up to celebrate our country’s 150th birthday, they’ve been reflecting on what makes this country so great.

Both those with generations of roots here and new immigrants celebrate Canada Day with verve. We do a great job of coming together as a society on these very occasions.

Unfortunately, not every story is a success story, though.

  • Gary

    Back in the 1990’s I went to the Canada Day event in the Beach area of the West portion of Toronto by the Humber River. That was Day that opened my eyes to what Identity Politics and Multiculturalism was doing to the nation.
    There was a stage with music from the vocal and instrumental fields which was the only part connected to the most number of Citizens on a national level.

    But as I walked towards the center of the festival I saw self-segregating groups with their past Nation flag . This while some were able to break the Laws right in sight of the Police for open beer , smoking pot next to a baby in diapers , small B-B-Q’s on wooden picnic tables plus very loud music (The Sikh’s seemed like the most Canadian group with kids playing soccer or frizbie as adults relaxed on blankets or sat at tables to talk ) .

    Basically….Canada is now all about a common denominator identity that we are ALL different and should be proud that we form Clusters to be among our own kind as a Charter Right and have FREE Health .
    How odd that every other Nation can have a Border, Language and Culture which goes on display at the World’s Fair and still gets used for Tourism posters at Travel Agencies …yet Canada is reduced to Health care , refugees and now Toronto going broke with 300,000+ illegal and services in over 100 languages for people from over 60 nation as the City is now 50% non-Canadian background and non-white.

    I’ve said before that Imam Steve Rockwell boasted how Canada will be an islamic State one day because muslims are the fastest growing minority group and that the Quran orders them to live by Sharia when they have the numbers in a Community, then, once we dominate the population to have the power for offensive jihad we must take over the land and claim it for islam and the Global caliphate.
    Liberals don’t care that every one of the 56 OIC’s that send us refugees and Immigrants are oppressive and homophobic while using the same Quran as ISIS to KILL the jews and the current 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth .
    Canada is lucky to have the 1,000,000 followers of islam that don’t obey the quran and reject muhammad’s violent life or war , rape , misogyny and beheading people that won’t embrace islams peace.
    We need to look at Muslims as Sikh’s or Christian that prefer to go to Mosques even when the Imam spews everything they oppose.

    • Alain

      The only common denominator is that we all share the same hotel.

  • Achmed

    Any questioning of the beliefs or history of any Muslim is racist Islamophobia.

    It is an insult for any kafur to question any follower of Allah and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

    • Minicapt

      There is no question. Mohammed was was a psychotic pedophile who experienced great pleasure causing the suffering of the innocent. And his followers are equally demonically inspired; they should be decimated monthly.