Deadly self-censorship

Political correctness is eating itself. It’s in very real danger of destroying us, and will do so while apologising for the inconvenience and any offence caused.

We are currently at war; the problem is everyone is too PC to notice. They’re far too busy fretting about what the mob will think to dare to put their hand in the air and ask a blatantly obvious question.

  • Gary

    The reason that muslims are doing what the Nazi’s couldn’t do in the UK is because Nazi’s had the guts to wear a Uniform and show what they stood for to DIE for it.
    Allah has gutless Wife-beating pedophiles that dress as Civilians and attack mostly civilians to assure a victory for his Death-Cult .

    I had to laugh at the Al-Quds morons that tried to play the victim and cited the auto that ran into a crowd of muslims……one case had the driver as a muslim by the shai sunni hatred but the other one was a non-muslim that suffered backlash as mob of men began to beat him ….these are the same muslims the fear backlash. Now we see why….islam is all about REVENGE and hatred and THAT’S what they would do which was just proven. A crook is usually the first one to accuse others of stealing from them .

    The elites in canada don’t have the muslims at their gates yet wanting toe behead their daughters and fire bomb their houses. For now the poor are the victims and all they do is just increase immigration and refugees to replace the dead because dead people don’t vote liberal.

  • Solo712

    I have been saying this for a while but I’ll say it again: The problem here is larger than the pathetic “leaders” and media psychos who deny reality. The reason why the West is killing itself are the millions and millions of ordinary shortsighted citizens who tolerate these Islam-positive twits out of fear for losing their comfortable place at the trough which appears to be guaranteed by the PC status quo.