Canada’s war on freedom of speech

Anyone believing there’s free speech in Canada better think twice: The country’s ever-expanding hate speech laws are killing what’s left of the most essential liberty – most essential because without freedom of speech, there is no freedom at all.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Hogwash! You can still say whatever you want as long as the government doesn’t deem it to be hate speech.

    • Minicapt

      The Charter of Rights and Freedoms makes no mention of the term ‘hate speech’, which indicates it is not a constitutionally applicable term


  • Watching the live CBC Canada Day presentation. MC’ed by PM Justin Trudeau (apparently nobody else could be found to MC 😉 ).

    “Walk Off the Earth” probably the only decent Canadian band. They played “Tae Kwon Do” where they appear to fight masked Islamic/Antifa-type terrorists using martial arts. Interesting, to say the least — a breakthrough in freedom of expression?

  • Justin St.Denis

    Canadians are such pussies for tolerating this shit. Sad.

  • Editor

    M-103, C-16 and now C-51, I think I’m seeing a pattern developing here.

    I’m not a lawyer, I don’t even play one on TV, but if John Hambling’s take is correct on this, C-51 is almost the scariest of Premier Selfie’s legislative initiatives.

    The Jody Wilson-Raybould quote “. . . these changes would help prevent expensive, time consuming litigation in cases where the outcome can already be safely predicted.” is hard to understand. How can the outcome be predicted if there is no thorough and rigorous investigation of the evidence? Cheap and fast does not really inspire confidence when referring to legal proceedings.

    I would be extremely interested in this forum’s opinion on his video. Is he being alarmist or providing a realistic appraisal of C-51 and its possible ramifications?